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Olive (:

Hi, I'm 15 and have been dealing with moderate to sever acne since I was 12. I've spent 100+ dollars on skin care products and acne clearing regiments. Nothing has been working, until i made my own daily routine. Within weeks I barely had any blemishes and rarely any appeared.

First, in the morning I would wash my face with a Burts Bees oatmeal infused body bar. i would wash it again with the same bar when I got home from school or going out in general. Then at night I would wash with the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit SCRUB (works better than regular cleanser). It excessively dries out skin so find a regular skin lotion that is specifically used for DRY skin, even if you normally dont have it.

Anytime I got big, noticable bumps, I would ice them for about 15mins, put toothPASTE on them, let it dry, ice it again, then rinse it off after about a half an hour to 45 mins. Worked like a charm. HOPE IT HELPED. :)

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