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Hello ladies! Well, I have been having problems with a YI for about 2 weeks now. It was beyond painful and I was really desperate to find relief! So all I did was search around the house for anti itch cream/powder. Didn't matter what kind of itch cream/powder I found! I looked in our bathroom cabinet and behold! Goldbond foot powder! Of course I read the instructions to make sure it wouldn't harm 'down there' . All I did was wet a wash cloth with warm water, sprinkle a little powder on it, rub it in the cloth a little and hold to the area for about 5 minutes. It worked wonders! When I took it off I instantly felt relief! No more pain, or itching! This might sound crazy, but it worked! Hope it helps!

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Hey I have been having a yi for over a week and the goldbond worked ty so much


my daughter suffers awful, shes in bed i had to give her an allergy pill to calm her down, shes 15 but was so miserable she did't care that i made her let me help, i used a vagasil wipe she just happened to have from like a yr a go, then i put anti itch cream on it n covered with a cool rag, she was sound a sleep and i saw the garlic thing, so i went in and put that on her and she starting screamin 'i WAS FINE NOW IM BURNING' so i took it off, but she's back asleep. pray

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