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I'm a 38 year old male. Been living with GH for 8 years now. Not exactly sure how I got it, but I know it is very depressing when an OB occurs. Anyhow, I have managed to keep outbreaks to a minimum by using plenty of lubrication during intercourse, and trying to live a stress free life. Obviously, that is much easier said than done. I only have about 4 OB a year. It sucks because I do limit my sexual encounters to limit outbreaks. Anyhow, I just told my girlfriend of 2 yrs. about it last week. That was not a good experience. We spoke about the fact earlier on in the year that if an STD were to come along that we would deal with, and work with it. However, I have always been afraid to tell her for fear of losing a woman in which I love dearly. We are still together, and she has accepted the fact I have it, and that if she got it, she would deal with it. I am still fearful of giving it to her. She has had no signs of an obvious outbreak as of yet, but today I sit here with an OB trying to find relief. Just so happens I have some propolis in my stash of remedies, but have never thought to try it. I will do just that. I wish there were a cure for this. I am sure there is, as there is a cure for cancer. Pharma makes too much money off of prescriptions to even consider releasing one to the general public, so. Anyhow, thanks for all the tips guys.

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If you plan to have children, it is extremely dangerous for her to contract it during pregnancy. Also, if she gets it before, there is a high chance for her to have a c-section because a child that comes in contact with any sores during birth has a high chance of death.


Child does not have a high chance of death, just has a high chance of getting hsv


I had a c-section with both of my children because I had an ob when I went into labor. Both of my children are happy and healthy. Don't let it stop you from having children


i just read your statement. please read mine. i need help. im a 21 year old.. met a beautiful healthy girl online, chatted on the phone for over a yr and a half.. im a girl to. i have herpes.. but thats not the bad part. finally met the girl and have been dating for 10 months already. we are engaged and i havnt told her. we have had sex a couple times a month but usually i dont want to but i do to please her. im so scared of losing her, im afraid ill have nothing to live for is she leaves. she has no symptoms. but still. i cry and think about the herpes all the time. i got a sore on my lip. told her it was a cold sore. i guess she didnt know what it meant cos she dropped it. please give me answers. i have no faith we are together 24/7 cos im so self causious i wanna be with her al the time. now 2 yrs ago my doctor told me i had gh but i dont think i ever had an outbreak in that area only my bottem lip on my mouth and it was 3 time.. twice last year once this yr. i also heard that there might be a cure soon cos doctors found out how to make the virus appear, i dont know.. i just know things need to happen soon. i cant lose her. my mom has herpes too and is always talking about it. she does not know i have it. i used to use her razor.. i think thats how i got it. im so sick and depressed. im a beautiful young girl just wish i was healthy. i could be so happy with this women and clean. i would trust her more if it wasnt for my diseases. not to have excuses cos she is faithful to me :'( wish i was loyal and honest with her.. PLEASE someone hear me out. im broke, my mom is broke and lving off ssi and s8 and shes mentally insane. i dont know what to do. i hav nothing been in dss since 6-18 they left me with nothing. i am unable to work cos of a car accident i was in with a friend. wasnt my fault. i flew out the window broke my neck and cheek bone eye socket. i now have 9 in poles on both sides of my neck. look up cervical fusion with rods. please help me this is a serious statement. email me at


It makes me sick that some of you people think because if your own fears & insecurities you have the right to infect the people you claim to love. How dare you choose for them, maybe you should think about how you felt when you were infected!


Obviously you dont know what it feels like to have to tell someone you have gh it's king of stds bc it's for life. If you told someone you had gh when you first met them 95% of people would hit the ground running. I waited almost 2 years to tell my girlfriend about my gh and even though she was uPset she understood. We are married now and have a child on the way. There are somethings that people just don't understand and judge people before they even get to know them.

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