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to cure gas,kneel on your knees on a bed with your buttocks in the air with your head facing down.It helps the flow of air come out faster.

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I, too, couldn't make it back to the bed, so I dropped to my knees right by my computer. That was about ten minutes ago. I am gas free. Thanks for all of the posts...the positive ones. Blessings.

Washington, DC

I coulcn't sleep last night, got up and looked this up and when I tried it I got sharper gas pains but it came out and made me use the bathroom! THANK YOU!


I am at work, so the butt up in the air thing is not an option. I don't usually have this problem, I actually got it as a side effect from taking Z-pack a medication for sinus infections. I drank warm water and it pretty much went away. Thank you! Hope this helps to others too!


To the doubters: screw u! Obviously ur gas isnt crippling, as mine so often is. I actually came across this by accident. Before I came to the site, I was on my knees with my buttocks in the air and my head buried deep in my pillow praying to whoever to please not let this bout of gas be particularly horrible and lo and behold, I started to burp. That got me thinking about home remedies and here I am. Would u believe my shock at seeing this remedy? I thought God was finally just cutting me a break.


This actually Worked!! Thnx!!! I feel so much better now


I have IBS and don't typically get gas, but tonight was woken up by severe lower abdominal pain. Thanks for this remedy, after an hour of walking around and massaging my stomach, this actually helped a lot.


For those who don't 'get it', this position presses your knees against your lower stomach and abdomin, thus pressing the gas towards the only escapes, your mouth or your rectum.

It's often an 'instinctive' position as people experiancing stomach pain curl up this way naturally, they just do it on their sides (it's the fetal position turned on it's side).

If you're in a place where you cannot get on the floor to do it, any movement that brings your knees to your chest can help, such as laying on your side and bringing it up, it just takes longer.


It works. Just tried it. Thanks for posting!


now there's an image

Former nurse

Unable to stand,gas in the upper region is your diaphragm above the navel is extremely pailful following a few years after gastric bypass surgery. I found that the catnip or any mint Dirivitave in tea and butt in the air... Least you'll have fresh breath

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