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I have had RLS for years and tried many things with no luck. Prescription meds to home remedies. My doctor gave me Tramadol about 4 months ago and it WORKS! Requip made me sick, magnesium gave me diarrhea, but this works. It is time released so I take it in the morning because it actually keeps me awake. I already have sleep issues with my kids getting up. I want to sleep if they are sleeping. But that has truly helped me after years of frustrated searching and many test to try to find some relief. Just sorry mustard didn't help me. Good luck!

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NO! Tramadol is evil. they say its non addictive, but it is horrendously addictive. the withdrawl symptoms are miserable. my mother is currently going through the addiction-withdrawl cycle. it keeps you in a loop, the only thing that helps with the withdrawl symtoms is taking another tramadol... i honestly think you should stop taking it while you can, otherwise you might not be able to quit.


You know, there are a lot of addicts in various stages of recovery that come to this site. Because of their experieces drugs are evil, we must ban drugs, and 'cure' our RLS with bars of soap, teas, hopping on one foot, stretching and other placebos. Problem is that placebos only work around 30% of the time they are used and probably that 30% is made up in large part by the people that would be addicts.

By the way, if quinine even works for RLS, tonic water does not contain enough to have a real effect.

The real problem is that RLS is caused by low dopamine levels in the brain. Activities that raise dopamine levels like sex work for a period of time, but RLS gets worse over time. No bar of soap or sunflower oil tea is going to raise dopamine levels.

Drugs work! Only a fraction of the people that use them become addicts. If the definition of a home remedy is something that you can do without a prescription, then there is NO home remedy for RLS. See a doctor, get drugs.


Hi , I am also a RLS sufferer but I also have Fibromyalgia & Epilepsy which serverly sets my RLS off , I'm on tramadol and pregabolin , I've been taking it years and don't suffer any side effects except a bit of constipation , I often up and lower the doses depending on how my fibro is effecting me and some days go without , so I think here all I can say is what works for one may not work for the other , I also use tiger balm to rub in my feet for both my RLS and fibro , my fibro keeps me awake more than my RLS , And then when I do get chance to nod off my fibro won't let me get into deep sleep I never get out of REM , so I make sure I give time to relaxation I use a hypnotherapy app on my iPhone , even tho I don't sleep with it I feel good after . When I'm at my worst , my fibro pains are so bad I can't get out of bed this can last up to six weeks joined with the RLS it's absolute torture , and those are the days I'm thankful for my tramadol .


For those of you who are making such high praises for tramadol , yes while on it it's great but when the time comes to stop... you will go through hell for weeks maybe months . I know I'm living it right now, no im not an addict just a innocent patient that was in a accident. I didn't even take as much as I was prescribed, rls becomes one of the many withdrawals from this drug and already having issues with rls it compounds it greatly. This is a very evil drug beware... do your research online. As of the end of this month it will be categorised as a narcotic, which in other country's it has been since 2009



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