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I have had RLS for years and tried many things with no luck. Prescription meds to home remedies. My doctor gave me Tramadol about 4 months ago and it WORKS! Requip made me sick, magnesium gave me diarrhea, but this works. It is time released so I take it in the morning because it actually keeps me awake. I already have sleep issues with my kids getting up. I want to sleep if they are sleeping. But that has truly helped me after years of frustrated searching and many test to try to find some relief. Just sorry mustard didn't help me. Good luck!

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Noooo nooooo nooooo. Tramadol is evil.
Look up tramadol addiction and withdrawal

Im currently suffering horrendously from this. Find an alternative asap. Doctors don't warn you of the dangers of it. Its a real junkie drug.


Have u tried walking when u feel the symptoms in evening? I walk 20mins every day for last 5 days when it starts and it's pretty much killed my RLS after suffering for 8 years from it!! Walking 20mins in evening is now part of my life style please try and let me no!


I can't warn you enough about taking tramadol on a daily basis like that. Your doctor is a IDIOT! That is a quick fix that will go completely wrong in the future. Your body will get addicted to the opioid and when you don't have it or don't take it I can assure you tht you will wish you only had restless legs. Withdrawal from this drug is NOT a joke and should no be taken lightly. Withdrawals can include but are not limited to ACHES and PAIN through the whole body like the worst flu you have ever had,SLEEPLESSNESS, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, anxiety, mood swings. Some of theses symptoms are what your tying to ger rid of in the first place. When I withdrew from this drug it made my restles legs come back tenfold!!!!! I can not tell you enough. STOP taking tramadol RIGHT AWAY!! And re consult with your doctor! Good luck


To all of you warning of the EVILS of Tramodol addiction and withdraw, what am I missing? If the point is to sleep EVERY night as we are all ADDICTED to sleep, the point would be to TAKE it every night hence NO withdraw. Reading the 20+ pages on this site, the only thing that works for 100% of the people who use them are opiates. From codeine to hydrocodone, through percocet to tramodol they work! As RLS is caused by low dopamine levels (apparently there is some indication that in some but not most cases RLS is caused by low iron levels)and opiates raise dopamine levels, ease the pain, and for most of us make us drowsy it seems tragic that opiates are not the treatment of choice for RLS. I am 52 and have had RLS every night for 25+ years. I sleep on the floor because the hardness of the floor pressing against the muscles in my legs give me some relief - but even then I do not fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. A few months ago I got the idea to use up all of the old left over narcotic prescriptions in the medicine cabinet and was able to get about 18 glorious nights (about six hours) of sleep and IN BED to boot. That was in February, now I just have fond memories of being able to sleep. If the definition of a home remedy is something that you can do without a prescription, I am after trying most of the things on this site convinced that there is no home remedy for RLS. Remember, RLS gets worse with age. Placebos work in excess of 30% of the time and for those of you that have found relief with teas, vitamins, bars of soap, etc. - Good For You, but the rest of us would like some relief.


I too sleep on an egg crate on the wood floor - 6 years now. Right now I'm trying the horrid tonic water. I would rather have a daily pill the rest of my life then have to deal with this.


Hi Penny - and the RLS only gets worse. It used to be that a typical night for me to fall asleep was 1:00 and a bad night 3:00. Now 3:00 is the good night and 5:00 AM is the bad. I've got to believe that the threat of me falling asleep driving is more dangerous to myself AND OTHERS than for me to take a pill every night. BTW if quinine even works for restless leg, tonic water does not have enough to do anything.


For the record, Tramadol has a somewhat different composition from most opioids, and it is less likely to cause addiction. I took a large (maximum) dose for a long time for pain and had no problem stopping it. Unfortunately, it didn't help my RLS. I've since been on Fentanyl and now hydromorphone (for severe pain), and the only thing that has helped the RLS has been extremely high doses of Fentanyl, and that's not viable in the long term.


Be wary of using any meds for RLS until you really know how you react to them. I apparently have a paradoxical reaction to Benadryl, hydrocodone and tramadol, which worsens my RLS and makes me wide awake. Suffered through some crappy nights discovering this.


Dear Gypsycat: Benedryl's active ingredient is diphenhydramine which is the same active ingredient that is in Tylenol PM, Sominex, and other OTC sleep aids. Diphrenhydramine is a HUGE NO NO if you have restless leg. Taking a drug with diphenhydramine guarantees that a person with RLS will be awake all night. This statement about diphenhydramine is supported by research and various commenters in the 24+ pages of this site. I have found that Cymbalta should be avoided. I did find hydrocodone to be a miracle drug for me but only had a few pills left over from an old injury and they lasted for only a few glorious days in Feb. 2012. Wikipedia lists treatment of RLS as one of the uses of TRamadol.


I have been on Tramadol, probably for about 2 yrs. & everytime I run out of my script &It's bee about 2 days, I start having RLS... I would like tobe off the Tramadol, but this crazy RLS is horrible!!!!! I am a person that needs at least 9-10 hrs.of sleep.. So when I ony get 4 or 5 hrs(ifI'm lucky), not good at all!!!!!!!! I'm gonna try some of these remedies y'all hae posted thanksfor posting them..From Louisiana

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