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Just a thought, we are all sharing remedies for cellulite...but just a question...

I was reading a plastic surgery pamphlet. They talk about how unsightly cellulite was...then they went on to say that 90 percent of women were affected by it.

Did you ever think that since 90 percent of women have it, that maybe it is actually supposed to be there and we have been tricked into thinking there is something wrong with it when there isn't?

I'm still gonna try the coffee grounds...just saying...

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Agreed!!! Why can't we all just accept that cellulte is a natural occurancy on the human body and be done with it. If it can't be fixed by a healthy lifestyle and it affects 90% of women, then where did we get this notion that it is bad, or unattractive!?!?!?


Nice point.


Excellent point!


Don't get me wrong i get what you're saying but do you know how many things that would apply to then? About 75% of women have a type of eating disorder but It's definitely not normal and suppose to be like that. There's tons more but you know that lol


Wow... u know I have never in my life took the 1 minute it took me to read this to think that maybe having it is normal. I feel enlightened now. I feel better in a way that nothing else posted or said could have given to me.. thank you..

Had enough!

I agree with your thinking....but isn't typical of society to make women feel that what God has given us naturally needs to be changed, like hair color, bust size, skin color, etc..where does it end?? even models are starved to death because they are told they're too fat??? so the craziness continues.


Ladies. Here's the recipe. It really does work! Please follow instructions carefully to ensure best results.

1. Mix 1/2 cup ground coffee, with 1/4 cup sea salt & enough olive oil to make it pasty.
2. Stir until well blended
3. Step into bath tub & apply about 1/3 of mixture on your thighs 1st.
4. Massage in circular motion & upwards
5. Get into a meditative state as you massage your thighs & chant the words 'cellulite be gone.' Do this for 5 mins.
6. Then proceed to massage 1/3 of the mixture on your buttocks.
7. Close your eyes and imagine Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas or other hot stud is massaging your coffee covered buns. Do this for 5 mins.
8. Spend the next 30 mins trying to get the coffee off your skin
9. Spend another 30 mins trying to scrub the damn coffee from your bath tub. All this while trying to block out the noise of your husband, boyfriend, roommate rolling on the floor laughing at your expense.
10. Check to make sure all is thoroughly cleaned up.
11. Go cuddle with a husband/boyfriend/lover who will remind you of how beautiful you are and how much he loves you (cellulite and all).
12. Proceed to make passionate love, and try not to worry too much about whether any residual coffee grounds will stain the sheets.
13. Store the remaining 1/3rd of the mixture in a small plastic container & keep in the freezer. This is a souvenir of this day and a reminder of how often we spend time trying to fix things that are not broken.

Take care everyone and stay beautiful.


P.S. This actually happened to me...


i hate when researchers come up with a percentage of women who have this or that or do this or that. the reason why i hate it is because when they put out percentages of 75-90 where was i when they surveyed the other 70-100 percent

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