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So THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!! Since I was 10 years of age I have had SEVERAL Planter warts on the bottom of my feet. At one point when I was younger they thought they may have to surgically remove them because they would not respond to treatment. Finally they went away around 13 years old. Then About 16 years old THEY RETURNED, at first it was just here and there small ones but then they clustered up again. I am currently 27 years old and I have had them since. I have been to the doctors I feel hundreds of times for repeated treatments, several diffrent doctors and more treatments NOTHING. So, finally started to look for home remedies and discovered this page. THANK YOU THANK YOU, because after 8 days of Apple cider vinegar and taping I am nearly wart free. I had to post something because I am still in amazement. So, what I did was soaked a cotton ball in ACV and with water proof bandages applied the cotton ball. Now, please BE AWARE it was painful after the first day, I could hardly walk, but I was use to all the treatments from the doctors office and this felt the same way so I was not alarmed. So, if it started to hurt too much, I would give myself a days break and would just apply Dr. Scholls wart remover gel compound and cover with a bandaid. By the 4th day or so my warts had turned black and you could clearly see many vesicles appearing. The Dr. School's compound always took a layer or two of skin off after the 2nd day or so, so I applied the gel once more. Last night I took a pair of cuticle cutters and chipped away nearly 70% of the warts, and beneath the black vesicles layed nice WART FREE skin. I have a huge hole nearly right now where I chipped away the warts so today I am taking an easy and just applying the gel and neosporin, but in a day or two will resume the ACV. I am still in amazement and can hardly believe after so long they are nearly gone. Certainly try this, but again understand after the second day it is certainly painfull, but just give yourself a break and you will be fine and wart free

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Hi, I feel your pain. Many surgeries with no results. After 4wks post op., its back. I am on my 3rd day now with apv,and yes I have stopped to give it a break. I do also see results. Duct tape and acv. It was very painfull last nite, Burning, as I scrapped it down. I also have a hole in my foot now. So I will give this a few more days, after the break 2day. I hope this is the answer 2 my prayers!


I hope so too!! I still have a small portion to rid myself of but it is working. I gave myself nearly a weeks break and just started again last night with treatments. Good luck!!


Question- could you maybe e-mail me?

I have heard of this treatment before. What size cotton ball would you use? What happens to this skin around it?


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