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I previously posted a solution with lemon honey cough drops. Theres more to this now. Ive been nearly two weeks with no pain. How did I do it? Well i did the cough drop thing for a few days. It works but the pain comes back after a few hours. So I got some woodchuck hard cider and drank a lot to keep my tooth saturated. i swished it in my mouth and before bed popped in another cough drop afterwards. i got up and squeezed the gum where my tooth pain was and some blood and a pus like liquid came out. i did this a couple times and brushed the area and cleaned it out. i did the same thing and wiggled at the tooth and got more liquid out. mine is in the back top right of my mouth. i brushed again and popped another cough drop in. i went to bed aftetwards and havent had pain since. of course its not 100 percent resolved, when i chew on the side its a little uncomfortable. but it has relieved the unbearable pain i was in. if your like me and are scared of the dentist and dont have insurance, you will try almost anything to get out of the pain. Tooth pain is hell and i hope i helped someone out there.

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you did really help me out i am just like you i have a killer toothache pain and i will try evreything and thanks for that idea where can you get that stuff


You can get woodchuck hard cider at the liquor store. Also get fish amoxicillin to clear up infection. You can get that online.


The Honey Lemon Drops worked for me for only one night

Suggestion: Take 2 Tynol 3's for pain and if it's still there go to the hospital or walk in for Naproxen

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