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WARM SALT WATER FLUSH- IT WORKS FAST!!!!I'm 30 years old, and I've had a very bad history of stubborn and long lasting styes. I've tried several home-made remedies, including Over the counter eye drop antibiotics, but
these did NOT work for me (my stye took approximately 1.5 weeks to go away):

1. hot tea bag compresses 10x a day
2. warm rice compresses
3. polysporin/other eye remedies
4. Baby Shampoo

Finally I tried something that worked. As soon as I wake up or start getting that achy pain that tells me a stye is coming I do the following.

1. Wash the infected eye with Johnson's Baby Shampooo.
2. Take 1 cup of WARM water (not too hot, as this could burn) and mix it well with 1.5 TEASPOON of salt water.
3. Flush out your infected eye with the salt water. If you are able to, you can also use an instrument to help you do this, e.g a syringe or a dental monoject
4. Please note that your eye WILL STING as a result of the salt, but if it stings too much, just rinse it with plain tap water again,or use 1 teaspoon of salt instead of 1.5.

Rinse with salt water as many times possible throughout the day, and you should notice that the stye will shrink quickly.

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Update: I did salt rinse all day yesterday and I woke up with no pain and the stye is less swollen. It is still there, but less noticeable. I just mixed warm water with sea salt and used a small cup to hold over my eye. It stung and at first got red, but a few minutes after the redness went away and the swelling decreased. I highly recommend the salt. Salt inhibits staph growth, which is the top reason why styles form in the first place. I also clean my eye lashes with baby shampoo every morning and night.


I currently have a sty first one ever.right now I cleaned my hands then I used sterl tweezers and pushed on it and some kind of stuff came out of it. Then the next morning I washed it and uses peroxide and it started bubbling up and it became hard then used alcohol it burned both times. Now just need to know how to get the swelling to go down


I have a style now and it is so painful I about to do the salt water right now


I have a stye bump on my lower eyelid. 2.5 weeks already. It doesn't hurt anymore. So when I put the salt I don't feel pain, but I'm still wondering if it will help or not (or maybe it's to later...) let's see...


Thanks so much for posting this treatment. I've had a stye for 3 weeks and none of the usual remedies work (warm compresses, tea bags, etc...). I just started trying the warm water with salt today, and I am hopeful. I hope to wake up tomorrow with improvement. Fingers crossed!


Is it normal for the stye to get even MORE red than before after using salt/water? I've been doing it ever 1.5hrs for the last 8yrs and it's looking angrier and redder. I hope that's normal and I'll wake up with a smaller stye.


Update from yesterday. No noticeable change. It's still really red and sore. I'm going to continue the salt water rinse for another 12hrs and hopefully I'll see some progress.


Q-Tip and dab of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Once the hell fire has subsided use a warm press.

If you're not going anywhere, after the Hydrogen peroxide use a new Q-Tip to smear Neosporin on the affected eyelid. This will feel goopy so I do this at night but it is this combo that has helped me. Mine progress very rapidly so salt water is just too long for me to feel full effects.

Burns but feels great in minutes.


Best way to do it I best way to do it I have found guaranteed get someone to locate the star 100\\% locate it there should be a small white pimple or the centre of the red mark whatever you can see on top two or three grains of salt directly onto it that will stop the sky dead in his tracks but this has to be done as soon as you feel the stye coming not the next day once it's there it will help once it's there but this trick is to prevent it getting to that stage


Hi all,

I have also found this very good. I had a stye that was becoming one of those internal cysts inside the eyelid (over the course of a few days). I used warm salt water on a clean facecloth placed over my eyelid then I bathed my eye in the warm salt water. The internal cyst has practically gone:0)

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