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WARM SALT WATER FLUSH- IT WORKS FAST!!!!I'm 30 years old, and I've had a very bad history of stubborn and long lasting styes. I've tried several home-made remedies, including Over the counter eye drop antibiotics, but
these did NOT work for me (my stye took approximately 1.5 weeks to go away):

1. hot tea bag compresses 10x a day
2. warm rice compresses
3. polysporin/other eye remedies
4. Baby Shampoo

Finally I tried something that worked. As soon as I wake up or start getting that achy pain that tells me a stye is coming I do the following.

1. Wash the infected eye with Johnson's Baby Shampooo.
2. Take 1 cup of WARM water (not too hot, as this could burn) and mix it well with 1.5 TEASPOON of salt water.
3. Flush out your infected eye with the salt water. If you are able to, you can also use an instrument to help you do this, e.g a syringe or a dental monoject
4. Please note that your eye WILL STING as a result of the salt, but if it stings too much, just rinse it with plain tap water again,or use 1 teaspoon of salt instead of 1.5.

Rinse with salt water as many times possible throughout the day, and you should notice that the stye will shrink quickly.

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I found it hard to flush the eye out with the water, so I took a sterile Q tip, wet the end with warm water, and then dabbed a little bit of salt on it. Then I brushed it gently against the inner and outer portion of the styed eye. It stung a bit, but not for long. It seems to be helping shrink the stye.


I tried this last night. I made a salt and water solution and using a clean Q-Tip applied the solution to the stye. I also made a paste with salt and water. I started with the saline solution and then applied the paste, off and on all evening. The warmth of the water seemed to bring the pus to the surface and the salt, while stinging, seemed to kill the stye. By the time I went to bed, the stye was dramtically reduced and this morning it was very nearly gone. This is a great solution, and frankly, much faster than the week of antibiotics I had to use last time. I also threw out my makeup to make sure I didn't re-contimate myself.


Remedy is good.I use my urine to pre-wash my face, rinse it then wash with facial soap. But it would be nice to find out why the sty is recurring. My father was an eye surgeon. He passed away 8 years ago. He was 95. I remember him saying that the sty is a sign that one needs to wear prescription glasses or perhaps the grade of the glasses has changed.

Doug N.

The warm tea bag worked for me, almost instantly! I did not even get to 10X before it gone down almost completely. I guess some things work for some and others for others!


The comment about needing glasses could be because when vision gets blurry sometimes we rub our eyes, which can lead to eye infections. Another one is rubbing the stye with a gold ring. Though this sounds like an old wives tale, don't forget that gold does have anticeptic qualities.


I wouldn't mix your own salt water. Salt and water mixed together in the correct amounts is Saline. You can get it anywhere pretty cheap. Even most wound cleanser are just saline.


1. Start with COLD COMPRESS with 2-3 ice cubes wrapped in either handkerchief or thin cloth and apply it multiple times in a day.
2. Continue to RINSE your affected eye with saline water or water that is boiled with SALT.
3. Stop consumption of all heat causing liquids like Tea Coffee till you have taken care of pathogen or virus residing in SEED area (lump) around eyelid.
4. For pathogen or virus removal from stye seed do one of following:
• Put 2-3 drops of antibiotic organic honey inside eye, usually available in form of herbal or AYURVEDIC solution in stores.
• Apply castor oil on top of eyelid on seed and surrounding area. Also put 1-2 drops inside the eye.
• Apply Apple cider vinegar on seed and surrounding area. Do not put ACV inside the eye.
• Apply NEEM paste on seed and surrounding area.
• But if your STYE is internal you may have to use Hydrogen Peroxide solution (2\\\\\\\\\\\% solution) method described below. This will kill PATHOGEN instantly. IN FACT this method is the EASIEST way to take care of Stye virus and result is seen in minutes. As the virus is destroyed the pain is instantly gone and all that is left is to take care of is swelling and pus created by virus that shall be discharged with saline water rinse or applying frequent cayenne pepper drops or any other herbal eye rinsing solutions.
5. For PUS REMOVAL after killing of pathogen use Cayenne pepper drops frequently for few days. Or Continue to RINSE your affected eye with saline water or water that is boiled with SALT. This shall be done frequently at least 4-5 times a day for few days.


I currently have my first stye ever. This morning I bought the Stye med at the pharmacy, used it twice, hated it. Since then I have been using the warm salt water rinse with a syringe and flushing my eye with it. HUGE difference. The pain and itching is gone and it's helping with the swelling too. After I rinse it about 4 or 5 times I pat with a wet warm washcloth and air dry. Wonderful!


UPDATE. It's been a little over 24 hours since I started the warm salt water for my stye and today it's almost gone. I use a dropper that I got at walmart in the pharmacy section, very inexpensive. Make sure you stir the salt in the warm water until it dissolves or it will be gritty and will burn. Tilt your head sideways above the sink and put the drops in the corner of your eye. It will naturally coat the eye in this position and run out the opposite side. I just do this over and over until the dropper is empty. Try not to touch your eye or eyelid so you don't contaminate the dropper. I accidentally touched and just cleaned the end of the dropper with rubbing alcohol and hot water to sterilize. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your eye and after. I repeat this about every hour or so. I'm an insulin dependant diabetic and have to be careful with my eyes and I feel that salt water is a natural healant that is safe. I am not a doctor.


I started the salt water as well after trying soooo many things, and it's helping!!! My inner kid stye has stopped hurting and the swelling has decreased. I usually don't post, but I know the struggle of trying to get rid of these and the salt water works. I am also now using cold compresses as opposed to heat. The heat was swelling mine. I will post an update tomorrow morning.

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