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I noticed you didnt post my warning about nerve damage. Maybe other people also had similar warnings that you didnt post. Maybe if you had posted them I wouldnt have a numb lower lip and chin. Dont tell me because its not a remedy that you didnt post it. There are plenty of posts here that are not remedies.

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take one from the doc. dont assume any thing and always make sure you get what you pay for. if not blame yourself, you are an adult after all, right?


This is a discussion forum, we are not responsible for your healthcare. Find someone else to blame.


Numbness is actually very common in those areas after a tooth extraction. A lot of times the tooth is very close to the nerves that run through the lower jaw and when the tooth is removed it can bruise or even worse sever them cause numbness as long as it is not severed the numbness only lasts a short time. Your dental care provider should have explained this to you!

Cheryl notgiiven

If you seek your Healthcare from sites on the Web that you have not thoroughly researched and checked with your own Healthcare provider then you have not done your own due diligence and have absolutely no one to blame but yourself . Also, I don't understand why if you knew there was serious issues with the advice on this site why did you keep following it and actually follow the recommendationsame found here? Might be good to stop blaming others for your questionable decisions or you will never accept ownership of your own journey on this planet. Sorry you have had nerve damage and I hope it can be resolved.

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