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A WORD OF CAUTION: I thought I had dry socket after having a lower molar removed. It was very deep and had to be removed in pieces. The dentist was digging around in there pretty good. I came on this site and tried the clove oil on gauze stuck in the hole. Problem is I had a hard time getting it out and it hurt again after the removal. Then I tried a qtip dipped in clove oil for easy removal. Pain was gone and worked like a charm. Next day pain is back so I tried the clove oil again, this time it seemed to irritate instead of help. A day and a lot more pain pills later I found that my lower lip was numb along with part of my chin. I looked it up and it is nerve damage associated with lower molar removal, sometimes permanent. The pain has lessened because my nerves that were damaged are dying. More than likely this was caused by the dentist fierce digging and not by the little bit I did. Go to your dentist and make sure it is dry socket. I think its dangerous to be digging around where nerves are had I known I wouldnt have done it.

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