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I was 19 years old and had wet the bed all my life, it was terrible...I couldn't go to school camps and stay over friends places,some times I did and I wet the bed..At one camp the teacher came out with my sheets in front of all the kids and said who the dirty person who did I have many stories... My parents took me to doctors, we tried everything... medicine, alarms ... nothing worked....
Then I was recommended to go to a Hypnotherapist which I thought was strange. I turned up for my first session and lay on a table. The specialist asked me to relax, relax and fall into a passive relaxed state of mind. He taught me to become so relaxed I was awake, but in a different state of mind. He taught me to feel a heat in my mind that made my toes warm and tingling; he then taught me to move this energy to my legs, knees and eventually move this energy to different parts of my body. I was 19 years old and very sceptical about the whole lot, but followed his program which became self hypnotism. Eventually I could move this energy and heat to my fingers, which he then asked me to move to my bladder, he said feel your bladder, move the heat, the energy, which I did. He then said every time I go to the toilet, stop, start then as you do this, move the energy to this area. I started doing this and practising self hypno therapy at the same time. My bed wetting stopped, I mean completely stopped, I was 19 and free...
I used this self hypnosis all through my live to deal with many things and it is amzing.I am 47 now and never wet the bed since this worked for me ,I used to before wet the bed every night until I was 19.Thats my story and it true.

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Tammy L.

What helped us was the use of a bed wetting alarm. We read that you should use a reward program. It has helped a lot and our daughter gets to pick the movie on movie night as her reward.

Here is the book that we read.


HI, I am making a comment with full off depression as I am a married women still facing the same issue. Its really hard and embarrassing at times. I am totally lost desperately wanted a solution for my problem. Please Help. Could you please suggest any doctor.......


I wet my bed until I was 13. My mother ridiculed me and my siblings teased me Constantly. Mind you, bedwetting is a common problem on both my father's and my mother's side of the family. Of my 4 siblings only 1 did not wet bed. It was clearly heredity. I was the youngest and bedwet the longest so I was humiliated for something I couldn't control. At 13 I started my period and I decided bedwetting had to stop! As I was taught for years, I refrained from drinking liquids 2 hours before bed then I emptied my bladder at bedtime. The I would lie anxious afraid to fall asleep and wet my bed while I'm having my period because I would have to take those bloody sheets into the backyard to wash them infront of everyone and deal with the ridicule. That anxiety kept me awake, I was sleep deprived but It worked to my benefit. I became a light sleeper and was able to wake up to void, sometimes just in the nick of time.
To the married lady, my heart goes out to you. Try limitting fluid intake close to bedtime and setting your clock to alarm so you can void on schedule once or twice at night. Of course you would need to go to bed at the same time every night. Try the herbs mentioned in other post. Dandelion and fever grass are helpful too.


your entry made me cry. i was a bed wetter and now my kid is....i am learning patience and just not to make a big deal about it like my mother did....just picked up a bunch of second hand sheets! i will take your advice to help my kid and only wish someone had helped me as your entry has helped many.


cheers to you all on this blog,
I am a 47 years old female mother of three beautiful children.
i was a bed wetter since my childhood and was punished and tortured for that hereditary gene I have. It was a misery when I woke up wet and smelling awe-full beside my husband at the time, I wished death over that humiliating feeling. I reached for remedies all my life and tried many, but none worked for me. my three children (15, 13, 11) wet there bed almost every night, if one doesn't do it, the other two will; every morning I wash sheet and blankets... I never yell at them or make an issue out off it, and they are doing well in their social life with friends and classmates. However, I feel the sadness they hide or try to hide from me every morning when they run to the bathroom wet of urine. they break my hearts and i feel helpless and blame myself for being the bed wetting gene transmitter. after my divorce(7 years ago) I started consuming honey in great amount, I buy buckets of raw honey and eat with a spoon at different times of the day. actually, honey is the first food I eat in the morning and the last food i eat before going to bed. my addiction to honey stopped the bed-wetting problem and i could sleep dry for many years now. my children don't like honey that much and even they take once they will not repeat it again. finally, I advice all the suffering readings to please get yourselves addicted to honey as it makes us dehydrated and dries our mouths, so the body secretes more of ADH hormone that slows down or stops urination, as part of our sympathetic system's job. and to PARENTS please don't punish your children for wetting their beds they could not help it be nice and understanding they need you more than you think. good luck to all.

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