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For boils & abscesses, the Ichthammol ointment is also called Draw Out Salve. Called 6 major chain pharmacies that were clueless on what this was. Finally figured it out myself. Found it at Rite Aid for $8.99.

Hope this saves someone going through the frustration.

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Do NOT use the draw out salve if you are allergic to sulfa.


CVS has it as well!


I tried the draw out salve one time. All it did was make the area very raw and caused a lot more pain than I was already in! It never drained at all. I may have been allergic to some of the ingredients. I guess every case is different but I will never use that stuff again!!!

ashley n

I had a painful boil in a very uncomfortable spot.took anti biotics got it lanced. Nothing worked.heard ab ichthammol ointment. It got rid of it overnight. I swear by it now


Hi reader the best thing to use is Magnesium sulphate paste from any chemist at a cost of £2.99 a tub.....


Prid is a draw out that can be used also it can be found at Walgreens for about $9 it's homeopathic and can be found in a small orange container similar to the Nivea creme you know the blue metal ones!

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