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I have suffered over many years, on and off, from constipation, involving straining which is not good for lungs or blood pressure, rectal fissures, bleeding, endless hours sitting on the loo etc. Various things work after a fashion, laxatives, Psyllium Husks, but none of them can be completely relied upon when things get a bit desperate. Doctors suggested various remedies, but none ever worked particularly well.

Then I found something which works EVERY TIME......IMMEDIATELY. I have never strained since, no more bleeding, no more pain, no more time wasting. You can pick and choose exactly when to go, so no more discomfort, when travelling for example. There's no chemicals, no drugs, and no ongoing cost (after the initial £7 or so).

Plain and simple - just get yourself a 100ml anal douche (plenty available online). Fill with warm water and squirt it up there. Put three loads up there - it'll only be about 210ml because there's always about 30ml in the bottle after each squirt. Sit on the toilet and try to keep it up there for a minute or two so it can soften everything up. You'll be lucky if you can make two minutes! Then let rip and experience the pure joy of total relief.

Why oh why oh why did no one tell me about this years ago? just try it once. Constipation will be a thing of the past. Promise.

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Im praying it helps my son with his bowel obstruction. Thank you!!! I'll b trying it today


Works every time and u won't feel any pain


Will this work for a 15 week old baby he hasn't been able to push his poo out for. 4 days now and is in so much pain?


Thank you for people like you, I am currently doing it as I am typing, I was leaning over in so much pain 5 mins. ago ready to go to the hospital and not knowing why . And now I am having so much relief. ....thanks again


OMG this actually works. Sometimes Psyllium Husk, Miralax, and other laxatives just don't work. Thanks a million!!


Does it make the poop watery ? I just had a baby & tore by the area so it's very painful to poop .


I do this when it feels like I'm giving birth - when you don't have to strain you are less likely to suffer from haemorrhoids... makes sense. Thumbs up. And no it doesn't mean you could turn gay. May make you want to explore though ????????heyho

Mad and disappointed

I am not trying to be negative but It doesn't really work out in the end because I was left in pain and had leaks every 5 minutes so ya'll can think what you want but it doesn't work!!


Warm water alone, especially if one uses distilled water, is not the same as using an enema containing stimulants.


I can almost feel your relief .... I have used glycerine suppositories for this was good results but I was thinking about changing to a douche, went online to find out if this would work and came across your post...thanks made my day lol

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