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Try adding GARLIC to your pet's food... whether it's crushed, minced or powdered doesn't matter - just make sure it's natural and doesn't have lots of other stuff added. Just add as you would for your own food (consider the weight and portion of your animal)
Ticks especially are repelled by Garlic, and even if you find one on your animal, chances are it won't have rooted yet.
There are even yard sprays available made from garlic to keep ticks and fleas away.

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Hey there... I just wanted to weigh in on the garlic to dogs as a remedy for fleas… I’ve been working for YEARS as a veterinary technician and wanted to let you know… that like EVERYTHING, it’s probably okay in moderation… however you can definitely overdo garlic and if you do, you can likely expect renal failure! In the case of kidney failure you wont have to worry about fleas on your dog, because simply put, you wont have a dog anymore. I know that they are expensive but topical flea treatments are the best way to get rid of fleas… ALSO there is a product on the market CAPSTAR… it’s given orally and instantly kills every last flea your pet is carrying. The only home remedy for fleas I have and will ever use ON my dog is dish soap for bathing and even this causes severe dry skin if used too often. HAPPY FLEA KILLING!


Garlic can cause respiratory problems in dogs !

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