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Try adding GARLIC to your pet's food... whether it's crushed, minced or powdered doesn't matter - just make sure it's natural and doesn't have lots of other stuff added. Just add as you would for your own food (consider the weight and portion of your animal)
Ticks especially are repelled by Garlic, and even if you find one on your animal, chances are it won't have rooted yet.
There are even yard sprays available made from garlic to keep ticks and fleas away.

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Go to the ASPCA website and do a search for garlic. It is listed as one of the potential dangers to pets in their animal poison control section. It is always a good idea to check with a veterinarian or two before administering any home remedy - especially one found on the internet. What works for one animal will not be safe for them all.


A friend gave me a site today,, go to the truth about garlic.


garlic will kill your dog call your vet before giving them garlic it was on the news


I've heard that onions are fatal to dogs, but not garlic. A lot of dog food and treats have garlic powder in them. Like the dog snacks I feed my dog, Cheweez Carvers by Purina, they have garlic powder in them.


I was told by my vet that giving a dog garlic could kill him.


Garlic and onions can be lethal! large amounts IS lethal to all dogs!


Instead of listening to what you hear why don't you ask the one person you trust the most.....the vet.


It seems logical that Petco and vets would say garlic is lethal b/c why would we need all those expensive treatments when garlic does the trick? I have a Weimer and a mixed breed and they have been given LARGE amounts of fresh garlic and there was nothing but benefits. I have used garlic in the past to get rid of worms with no adverse side effects. After the treatment, I asked my vet and I was told it would be harmful, I know for a fact and from experience it is not. If you are not sure how ur dog will react, just give him the smallest amount and work ur way up from there, I know many dog owners and have never heard of garlic killing a dog.


Garlic is not good for dogs... along with grapes and chocolate... garlic can cause G.I upset, including uncontrolled diarrhea and vomiting.


Perhaps some dogs do well with garlic, but maybe it's because all dogs are so different. Smaller breeds tend to have more trouble with blood and circulatory disorders, and tend towards diabetes. Onions would be very bad for chihuahuas, any toy varieties like poodles, maltese, bichons, etc, yorkies, and any other small dog you can think of. It's always best to consult a vet before making a small mistake that could have big consequences.

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