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Try adding GARLIC to your pet's food... whether it's crushed, minced or powdered doesn't matter - just make sure it's natural and doesn't have lots of other stuff added. Just add as you would for your own food (consider the weight and portion of your animal)
Ticks especially are repelled by Garlic, and even if you find one on your animal, chances are it won't have rooted yet.
There are even yard sprays available made from garlic to keep ticks and fleas away.

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I've used garlic powder in my dog's food for years and they never have fleas. I'm so surprised more people don't use this simple remedy.


it sounds like it will work, but is it okay for small puppies?? my dog is 7 weeks old, and she has a serious flea problem from the person we got her from, i know that you arent really supposed to switch foods around on newly-weened puppies, but would it be safe to add to her food??


Just wanted to let people know I recieved an email from PETCO and it says DO NOT feed your dog garlic or onions.


Funny not long ago I got one that said the opposite. If they are going to say dont feed garlic or onions then they really shouldn't sell garlic supplements in their stores. And Garlic is an old home remedy known about it for years. Garlic is a natural antibiotic helps fight off infection. Just because pet co says it does not make it so.


Just like many of us...I have found that garlic is a great answer to my flea and tick problem. I mix it with brewers yeast in the spring and summer then just plain the other seasons.


I used garlic for one of my dogs when he had a septic infection. It not only cleared the infection, but he didn't have problems with fleas while the other dog did. They both now get garlic in their meals (which are all natural) and I haven't had any problems with fleas.

Onions . . .I heard through an animal resue that onions could cause anemia, which could be fatal in small dogs.

My 2 cents.


Is it not logical to use garlic powder in the infested areas of your home?

Sprinkle it where you have fleas.I dont advise using garlic in your pets food nor toxic chemicals.


I had heard on other websites that you CANNOT give animal garlic expecially cats and also dogs.


I have tried everything under the sun and nothing seemed to work until... I tried Advantix. I also use a growth inhibitor spray on carpets. Before you use the Advantix drops though you should bathe your pet in the blue dawn dish detergent. It kills the fleas on contact, but you need to use the other items I mentioned too. I have also heard that if you sprinkle Ivory Snow flakes on your carpets that the fleas attach to it and die, then vaccuum


some dogs are allegic to garlic and it can be harmful

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