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Apply lemon juice 3-4 times a day. It will dry out the fungus. Should be gone in 3-5 days. Never had one return after using this.

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I am currently putting lemon juice on it as well as taking oral antifungal pills & it seems to be going away!! :) i really think it's the lemon that helped! but i was wondering, on about the third day, when the ringworm is killed, did you still have a pink ring & will that go away soon?


I'm in so much pain.. I see the round shape under my arm, and other red patches of redness, so I'm thinking it's ringworm, it itches like crazy.. I did the vinegar thing with NO luck, just made it itch worse.. so I'm hoping this lemon juice thing will work.. I'm going to buy a few fresh lemons, and slice them then just use a few at a time.. We'll see

Sunny Sanguine

I have been using sliced limes at night...when I am going to sleep after using Lotrimin cream since Saturday night...which didn't work,just burned like heck..gonna take a bath now & afterwards will be putting on the lime. I find that if you let it sit overnight it has a lot more chance to work as well as time. Limes are cheaper & I believe the acid in them kills the fungi.

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