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pool grade is toxic to animals and humans;;;only use the stuff from a garden store.


How do I use this product? in the carpet / out side / both


Even the garden stuff is toxic. Be sure it is labeled 'Food Grade' and purchase from health-Food stores.


ONLY FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH is safe. It must be FOOD GRADE and it is sold on amazon as well as on many other sites packaged under different names such as Earth's Miracle but you'll pay more. PERMA GUARD is the manufacturer. You'll get the best price even from amazon. It is safe for humans and animals to take internally and it is very beneficial. Look up FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. The safe DE isn't sold at pool or garden stores


We never knew that some types were toxic--but that might explain why using pool grade hurt my feet and our cats paws even after vacuuming several times. Thank you for that info!!


My parents bought some of this powder from Amazon and I have used it inside and out. It only works for a short period of time then you have to apply it again and again and again. It did nothing for the fleas in the yard and driveway and my kitten got sick. I found this poder to be a waste of my time. :(


Do NOT use the pool store variety of DE. Use only food grade. The pool variety is heat treated and the composition is changed. double u, double u, double


Be CAREFUL with the diamataceous earth! 've used Diatomacious Earth for years, I even used it to get rid of a horrific flea infestation in my asthmatic boyfriends house with no bad effects. It works against all insects and parasites. The IMPORTANT thing to note is that POOL GRADE D.E. IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND CAN CAUSE SILICOSIS (scarring of the lungs similar to asbestos poisoning) The only safe D.E. to use is natural pulvarized or ground D.E. that can be found in plant nurseries and food storage shops. This D.E. has NOT been superheated, a process which creates fine threads of silocone glass which makes it a better filtering product, but makes it dangerous to handle or breath. Flour grade D.E. is meant to be used in graineries as a bug and egg deterrant is fine enough to mix with flour. The Regular D.E. can be spread on carpets, or the cracks between wooden floors. Plan on not vacuuming for a while(like a week) in order to allow the D.E. to cut up and dry up the little buggers, and be prepared for a little dust to be produced for a short while as you walk on it. I've even heard of it being used a a coat powder and mixed in feed (for horses, cats,and dogs) but I've never tried that personally. I sprinked it in the carpets and brushed it in with the broom and let it sit for couple of weeks, them vacuumed and reapplied. This with Advantage treatment took care of all the fleas and there were none for the rest of the year.


Here's a good site to get quality food grade DE:

Big J ThePool Guy :)

I have been working with pools for years and agree with everyone that has mentioned 'FOOD GRADE D.E.' Don't use D.E from a pool supply place you can kill your animals) Look I hate working with it that says something since I have been working in the pool service business for over 5 years... use food grade it is also excellent to get rid of roaches, spiders, ant, and more

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