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After reading a lot of y'alls remedies I used what I had available, and it worked! I mixed dry oatmeal,neosporen,vick and baking soda. Put it on my boil covered it and woke up a few hrs later to check it. It had a head! Cleaned it up did it again and it was draining by morning. Thanks my fellow boilers! Hope this helps someone else.

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I just recently developed an extremely painful boil just below my waistline. I have all these ingredients but I was wondering how much of each ingredient goes into this concoction. I've tried the epson salt water method with no relief. Thank you for your help.


I'm giving this a try. Will let you know if it works. Cause I'm in serious pain


How long did you have your boil before trying this concoction? Was it already close to having a head after x amount of days? Is that why it worked so fast? I need to retun to work ASAP so any advice helps.

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