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I was in pain two days after my extraction. Dentist packed the pain was gone. However, the packing came out and I was in pain.i I took 1200mg of Advil and still no relief. My husband went to walgreens after I reading the posts on this website. Thank you this was amazing. I actually slept for five hours straight... Thank you, I am forever happy

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Do you really want a liver transplant that badly? DON'T EXCEED 800 mg IBUPROFEN EVERY 8 HOURS!


Clearly you've never had a tooth ach, I have one right now and im taking halfs of 40mg Oxyneo knowing full well how bad this is for you, If someone said that I could shoot myself in the foot and the pain would stop Id do it.
I broke both my legs snowboarding and this is worse, and that is no joke at all, this is proven to be one of the worst pains you can go through because your body wont shock and dull the pain like it will with broken bones, and tooth pain can go on, and on, and on even after removal

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