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One clove of raw garlic,crushed and packed round the offending tooth,and kept there for 5 minutes has never in my experience been known to fail.{ Garlic has natural powerful ant-bacterial properties}.It hurts like hell,but try to keep it there for the full five minuted ,the pain will gradually subside,and the toothache is completely gone.I first tried it in desperation,on holiday in an extremely remote place,knowing that it is a traditional French cure {in whole clove form ] for earache.At least 10 friends have tried it and it has worked perfectly every time .It beats cloves,aspirin, alcohol ,and every other remedy including painkillers etc hands down.It will get rid of the pain.Then follow it up with a trip to a dentist at your convenience.

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I have a tooth that's due for a root canal

I typically take Naproxen Sodium Tablets with great effectiveness, however they can take up to an hour to kick in and may only last 5 hours.

This remedy works almost instantly. I placed some minced garlic on the tip of a fork and placed it into an empty teabag. I held it in place for a few minutes and the sharp pain was gone in no time. This method will tide me over until I can get it properly taken care of.

Thank you.


Thanks Man!
Just as everyone said, within minutes the pain was gone. Used listerine the night before and worked enough to get to sleep but the garlic tool it away completely.


worst toothache ever, i just tried it with minced garlic i had in a emoty teabag. thank you so much for that, i was up all night in the worst pain ever. now i know what to do next time!!!


I can't believe it. I haven't been able to sleep tonight due to a broken tooth and can't get to the dentist for a few days. Have been taking so many aspirin that I'm afraid I'm going to overdose on them....and they don't seem to work. I hate the taste of garlic, but out of sheer desperation chomped down on a garlic clove.........and got IMMEDIATE relief. Hate the taste, but the pain is GONE ! Thank you so much !!!


Its 11pm, considered going to emergency dentist for a root canal. Ive taken over 2400 mg of ibuprofen today with zero relief! Surfing for remedies found the crushed garlic. I crushed a fresh (and unfortunately, temp would be less painful!) clove of garlic and just packed the pieces all around my infected tooth. I also bit down to let the juices flow around my sore gums for 5 minutes. It burns, tastes like crap and made my mouth and eyes water like a motha-effer. It does work. It has reduced my pain threshold by at least 50%. It's not completely gone, but its tolorable. Next time i will try putting in a tea bag and leaving it in my mouth for a long while. Im exhausted and hope for some sleep before i blow up my dentists office tomorrow for an immediate appt to rip this poisonous bastard outta my mouth!

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