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One clove of raw garlic,crushed and packed round the offending tooth,and kept there for 5 minutes has never in my experience been known to fail.{ Garlic has natural powerful ant-bacterial properties}.It hurts like hell,but try to keep it there for the full five minuted ,the pain will gradually subside,and the toothache is completely gone.I first tried it in desperation,on holiday in an extremely remote place,knowing that it is a traditional French cure {in whole clove form ] for earache.At least 10 friends have tried it and it has worked perfectly every time .It beats cloves,aspirin, alcohol ,and every other remedy including painkillers etc hands down.It will get rid of the pain.Then follow it up with a trip to a dentist at your convenience.

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Three AM and I woke with a terrible toothache after being at the dentist for a filling two days earlier! Found this home remedy and just wanted to say a big thank you as I now feel I may be able to get back to sleep. I found it hard to keep the garlic in place but just hoped I had the right spot and held it there for full five mins. My mouth watered constantly but I just let it and concentrated on keeping the garlic in place. It felt like the garlic was burning, the pain did increase but it was a good feeling. Then I rinced and now feel such relief!! Would definitely use this again in an emergency. :)


Thnx a. Ton..4:30 on a Friday mrng.. Nxt dr appt on Sunday ...


OMG that shit work very very well thank sooooooooo much


Wow this worked so well I was ready to pull the damn tooth my self thank you do much!


Thank you. I crushed a clove of garlic with salt and i ve put it around affected tooth after 5 min pain was gone!


This is by far the best remedy ever. I were suffering from an abscess tooth, 2 weeks popping pills back to back with no relief.used vodka, hydrogen peroxide, tubing alcohol, clove oil. Nothing worked. Eventually i decided to go to the hospital.i spent 10 hours in pain.only for some prescription. And the pharmacy was at 10pm. I went home crying in pain with my prescription in hand. Came here saw this and crushed the garlic with some sea salt.stuff the hole in my tooth.let me tell you, the pain was worse than giving birth. And itpained for the entire five mins and 10 more mins after i had already spit out out


But half an hour after the pain was gone. I stick a black tea bag in my 1100pm i were sleeping like a baby no trace of pain. At 12am i had dinner.stuck another tea bag in and differed of to day i were pain free all day but by 7pm i went for my prescriptions.took a prescription pain killer too be safe.and that was that.there us no doubt in my mind that the garlic is very powerful. I well always remember this after everything i tried in 2 weeks.simple garlic was the cute.


You are a legend, thankyou so much :)



THIS WORKS GREAT!!!!!!!!! it taste a bit awful, made me gag a bit, mouth watered, eyes watered, but after 6 mins the pain was gone, gone, gone!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for this tip. It worked so well I was actually able to get to sleep. The only tip I can underline here is to stick it out, it burns like hell but it really works. I know there's nothing to add but I know that without all of the comments I wouldn't have tried it so I thought I should add my own. Thanks again.

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