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One clove of raw garlic,crushed and packed round the offending tooth,and kept there for 5 minutes has never in my experience been known to fail.{ Garlic has natural powerful ant-bacterial properties}.It hurts like hell,but try to keep it there for the full five minuted ,the pain will gradually subside,and the toothache is completely gone.I first tried it in desperation,on holiday in an extremely remote place,knowing that it is a traditional French cure {in whole clove form ] for earache.At least 10 friends have tried it and it has worked perfectly every time .It beats cloves,aspirin, alcohol ,and every other remedy including painkillers etc hands down.It will get rid of the pain.Then follow it up with a trip to a dentist at your convenience.

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i was just in sooo much pain. i did the grlic on tooth and it worked


Thank You! Mixed a little cayenne in with it and put it a half empty tea bag.Feels great!


Thank you! I 'conventiently' got a severe toothache late Friday afternoon. Dentist could not see me until Monday morning. I made a huge mistake of swishing cold water in my mouth. Instant relief for less than minute, then the pain would come back even worse. I read on this board that cold water can make it worse....boy, it did for me! After realizing my mistake and on the verge of going to the ER due to the extreme pain, I decided to try your suggestion of crushed garlic. OMG! The first 30 seconds to one minute was pure agony. The pain and burning was horrible, but I told myself to stick it out for the 5 minutes. About a minute into it, the pain suddenly subsided, but I could still feel the nerve pulsing in my jaw. After the 5 minutes, I rinsed with warm water and the pain was gone. I was able to sleep like a baby. The remedy lasts about 8 to 10 hours before I feel the pain trying to creep back in, then I just place the garlic ion my tooth again. Thank goodness I have an appointment tomorrow morning, but dreading the cost. :(

Grateful Mom

Tried pain killers on a tooth that needed filling and nothing but tried the garlic clove whole chopped and I had her (my daughter) bite down on a piece and kept it on the tooth for 5mins and it worked!!! Who knew! Thx sooo much!

Jim the grin

Friday afternoon. Broken wisdom tooth. My dentist can see me in 12 days!!!!! I literally got a garlic clove & bit it with my broken tooth & then just held it in the gaping hole with my bottom teeth. Instant pain relief! & such a lovely flavour too. I was ready to pull the tooth out myself!!!!! Thanks guys!


You were a life saver! I had minced garlic in a I packed the hole with garlic and then a cotton ball...instant relief....xxxxxxx

Marci Hunter

I don't know how to thank you enough. Thanks to you I can finally go to sleep. I had the toothache from hell, I've been up all night...crying with pain, took a bunch of ibuprofen ,tried cortysone,nothing worked, I was on the verge of literary punching myself in the jaw when I decided to try your clove remedy. OMG, I cannot describe the feeling I got when I realised the pain actually went away.. I treated a bit,was so happy. God we take some things for garlic. I'll always make sure I have garlic in my kitchen, thanks a million


I minced some (home grown) garlic and put it on a toothbrush and held to the very sore tooth for 5 minutes as suggested. A second lot for another 5 minutes made all the difference. Had a great night's sleep, waking up with no soreness at all. I also took 2 teaspoons of calcium ascorbate (non acidic form of Vitamin C). No short term help, however I believe it is part of the reason the tooth felt so much better in the morning. Thanks for the great tip.


I just had my friend try the crushed garlic and salt to make a paste and pack the hole in her tooth. Within 10 minutes, the throbbing had stopped.
I think she had a shot of whiskey too so the combination can't be all bad.
So happy to know this!


this works like a dream......... WOW!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!

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