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I have worked in the nursing field for years, People come into the ER with sunburn's wanting something for it. We tell them to go to the store and buy them some preparation H. It will take out the Burning and also reduce the swelling. It is also good for bags under the eyes

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Prep H works great and another that you might already have at home is Noxema ~ it will take the sting out and reduce the scare in a burn. I slept with a heating pad once and the slip cover moved and burn my hip and I never had a scare and healed much faster too. I just love Noxema ~ not off store brand ~ but the actual Noxema.


Many doctors agree that this not only dries your skin but makes the pain worse...


tried noxzema and it didn't work for me at all. also tried aloe w/lidocane to no avail. baby oil helped the peeling but now, 2 weeks later, my arm itches so badly i'm almost bruised from scratching. checking w/my allergist wed.


I don't know what ER you work in but you may want to check with the ethics department about giving medical advice on line! This IS NOT a good solution to sunburn. It's function is to reduce the swelling in hemroids. It does infact take the poof out of under eye bags but SHOULD NOT be put on any type of burn EVER!


I used prep-h on my sunburn and I will never try anything dirrerent! I works wonders! When your skin burns it swells an is dry so it hurts when you put the prep-h on your sun burn it takes the swelling out so your skin is not so tight and pulling on the burn.

Bill W

I know from first hand experience that Prep H worked great on my sunburn and on my wife's minor burns on hands when she actually touched the stove top. My sis in North Carolina says that she and her friends use Prep H on their sunburns.

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