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'they' say 8 glasss of water a day. I dont care much for plain water; I use (generic) crystal light packets for wate bottles. I probably dont drink enough but every littl bit counts. One glass/bottle before each meal to fill up without eating too much, and EXPECIALLY before bedtime. I enjoy my veggies but often get too lazy to buy clean and cook them-though I do enjoy raw crunchy veggies-with low-fat ranch dressing or in a salad. (I likefat free crutons too) My favorite way to get in my veggies is a small can of V8 a day. During the day,meals and snacks are pertinent.
Breakfast: low fat or fat free yogurt with optional granola (I like min with coffee)
snack: a piee of fruit, or granola bar, lunch: I like to make lunch my bigget meal (a heavy lunch slows you down and a heavy supper is too much too late in the day) lunch can be the all food group meal-meat-lowest fat cuts possible (baked or grilled) veggies (or V8)-helping should be double the meat serving, whole wheat or multigrain bread/roll, tall gass of low fat milk.
another snack-small salad with some lowfat cold cuts or grilled chicken pieces in it or another piece of fruit.
dinner-stick with something light-I like 1-2 bowls of hearty cereal-something with protiens and fruits-my favoritesare great grains and basic 4. Water before and between meals (add flavor if necessary) get some fresh air and sunlight with a good walk at least 3 times a week if not each day. DONT DENY YOURSLF-getting frustrated on a diet and cheating is what causes diets to not work. Treat yourself to a 'naughty day'.
Make one a week-treat yourself to what you've been wanting or craving all week. Taking the day off helps to ease he stress and frustration the whoe dieting thing. ust make sure you still get your water and best done on a walking day.

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