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I'm 22 years old. I was diagnosed with HSV1 2 years ago. I searched for home remedies to help with genital herpes because a couple days ago I started to break out (my second time). My first outbreak was pretty much traumatizing. I didn't show any signs or symptoms of the disease for 2 years and then I went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico and not even a week later I broke out. I would barely walk, I had so much discharge, I couldn't wear underwear because the sores kept sticking to them and everytime I moved it felt like I was ripping my skin. I was in so much pain I threw up. My whole body just ached. I spent most of the days in the bath tub because that was the only thing that soothed the sores. I went to immediate care and they gave me a 10 day prescription for valtrex, 1,000 mg hydrochodone and gel that was 5% lidocaine. I tried the lidocaine but when it dried it pulled my skin and my pubic hairs just adding to my pain. So far for my second outbreak I am not in pain but more sores keep popping up. I'm PRAYING it doesn't get any worse. My boyfriend does not have the virus. He gts very frustrated because I always have some kind of vagina problem. Like a bad odor or it'll get really sore on the outside and itchy on the inside. There's usually something wrong with my vagina everyother week almost. I've tried telling my obgyn and she just kept giving me diflucan(for a yeast infection). My family doctor gave me some vaginal cream that I put in tubes and inject into my vagina for 7 days. I think it's for bacterial vaginosis but I'm scared to do it because everytime I try the injectable creams I have some kind of reaction. I don't have any home remedies for genital herpes, I just wanted to tell my story. I feel gross sometimes and I feel bad for my boyfriend because he has to deal with all of this. I just want to feel normal and have a normal body again and feel comfortable in my body again...

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You need to get your doctor to write you a prescription for borax acid suppositories. This will help with the smell, the pain, and the discharge. I to, have CHRONIC BV b/c of it and that really helps, especially after having your period. I hope it works!


I experience all of those issues with the creams, smells, on going vagay-gay issues, and I tell my boyfriend and honey he caters to me cause he knows he is the one who gave it to me... You are not alone with this, in fact they say 1 out of 4, well bullshit try 3 out of 4, me, my sister, and my 1 st cousin whom are very close, have it and got it two years after the next , and get this none of us sleep around like my older sister has and her cheating ass boyfriend but she does not have HSV, so it's not some slut disease, and honey child you are not alone at all... But yes it is oh so very very painful and in my case I get frequent OB around my cycle it's because you body is under the stress of PMS... I'm very open about my issues and I only pray someone is helped form my story...


The first year is awful. It gets better over time. For me it depends a lot on how much stress I have. I have had it for 7 years and it has started to get better


i felt the same way. i got it when i was 18 and the first year was horrible!! almost that entire year the sores didn't go away they would get better and worse but never fully went away. the second year i only had one bad out break and a few small ones and this year same. i get swollen and it itches so bad it hurts, the skin is so tender it feels like new skin, discharge, obviously sores, abdominal pain, and more tired then usual. i take daily medicine which does help a ton Acyclovir(doctor) and L-Lysine(over the counter). but honestly I've tried everything that first year that didn't coast much money and Epsom salt baths from even a possible sign of an outbreak til i feel back to normal has helped me the best. its salt so it dries out the sores but just one bath a day too many you dry out your skin and it can crack and the sores will pop up there.


I was diagnosed about 7 years ago, and have out breaks a couple times a year. I was taking L-Lysine regularly for about a year and had no outbreaks at all. After reading others comments and posts I am definitely heading to the store to go back to taking it daily!


Try and ask your doctor for a prescription called flagil. I had a horrible smell and my obgyn said i was to dry to get a culture from. I talked to my mom and she had the same problem before. Not knowing the exact name of the bacterial infection she told me to ask for this same prescription. After seeing five doctors and not one of them knowing what it was my mom came to the rescue once again. This will definitely help with the smell.


I have all the same issues!!! I started getting a smell after having sex with my ex nothing I did made it better then later on he cheated and gave me herpes ! I've had it for about a year now and discharge and smell is horrible ecspecially after my period. I can smell myself jut sitting there I feel so disgusting and I won't even go hang out with people cause I don't want them to be like wtf and its to embarrassing to tell my dr about the smell idk what to do I could kill him for doing this to me :/ i get so depressed when I have an outbreak I hate it please please please make a cure!!!!


I apologize for the capitals in the following. I'm not yelling, just emphasizing the importance of the point I'm making. The odour could be from an infection called Trichomoniasis (a.k.a. trich) - try a Google search for lots of information about what it is, how you get it, how to treat it to get rid of it, and what to do to STAY rid of it! TO AVOID getting trich in the first place, DON'T ALLOW ANY ANAL SECRETIONS TO GET ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR VAGINA!!! If you engage in anal intercourse (or anal fingering), INSIST on your partner washing penis and/or hands THOROUGHLY before you allow vaginal penetration, otherwise you can end up with this nasty bug which will go on and on and on and on.... If you have it you can get rid of it with a prescription of Flagyl (be sure to take the whole course of it or you won't kill the parasites). Even if your (male) partner doesn't appear to have symptoms, if you're sexually active at all -- BECAUSE HE STILL HARBOURS THE PARASITE! -- he should get a prescription, too, OR HE WILL RE-INFECT YOU.


Stop taking all the stuff doctors keep giving you if it does not work. Clearly there is an imbalance in your body which is giving you symptoms every week, like you said. Start eating healthy and move, in other words; take good care of your body and soul. And with it, ask help from practicioners who work with the body's balance instead of doktors who only cure symptoms at specific areas. Try to get advice from, for example, a good accupuncturist who sees your body as a whole and can help you cure your body.


Sweetie, I feel your pain. I always have something wrong too. Have had GH for almost two years. Not sure how I got it. Don't even care. I was hospitalized with my first outbreak, for 5 days. It was embarrasing because alot of the staff that cared for me were old co-workers. They said like almost half of thee U.s population get's GH. Wow! Anyways, It is hard because as I am writing this, I have 6 warts, and have a chronic yeast infection. I am also a diabetic who has a three year old Austic child. So, I have to watch my sugars or I get an OB or another Y Infection. They say to try not to be stressed out. When I have an OB I started using the Tucks or Prep H wipes. it has already made it so I don't screm when I urinate. I would not take a warm bath to Urinate.Or use salts. I would not put any bleach, alcohol or paste, you may read about. I used a hair dryer to dry myself. When you have a yeast infection, Do not eat sugary things. I assure you, it aggrivates things. Rty to stay away from aspertame( found in Diet soda's ) and nuts..... Be carefull of starches and dairy as they also have sugars. I am going to remind you to drink ALOT OF WATER!!!. peace and blessings. You are not alone..

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