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This information has been great, although it's obvious that 'remedies' vary greatly depending on the individual. I'm a 33 year old male, and I've had consistant hives for the last 3 months. Literally, they poped up out of nowhere one day. They started out slow, and have proceed to the point where they were covering my body every night. They're more like large red welts than flat red marks. Last week the itching was literally unbearable. I didn't sleep at all, and that's when I found this site. In the middle of the night I scoured our home for baking soda/powder to try the paste remedy that's described. Unfortunately for me it didn't work as well as it has for others. I ended up taking as cool of a shower as can be had in AZ in July, which calmed the itch a bit, but certainly didn't take it away all together.

The next day the itching persisted, which is unusual. For me, usually the welts would go away sometime in the morning, and then be back with a vengence later in the evening. The second night was shaping up to be much like the sleepless night before. I'd read more on this site during the day and was eager to try different options. I tried an epsom salt bath, which really did feel good while I was in it, but had no affect after I'd toweled of afterwards. The severe itch was still there. I also tried rubbing baby oil on the hives, but for me, the welts remained and continued to itch terribly. FINALLY I remembered that ice had worked for some people so I went to the freezer and took out a large bag of frozen vegetables. Literally it was HEAVEN when I put them between my legs! The insides of my thighs were one of the more itchy parts, and the frozen veggies took the itch away after just a few minutes, and it stayed away for a long while. I proceeded to put the ice where ever I was itching and had the same result. It was truly amazing. I wish I would have tried it earlier. I had also just started taking Claritin instead of either Benedryl (didn't seem to help) or Zyrtec (one generic brand sort of helped, and another did not).

It's now been 4 days since I used the ice that night, and I had use it some the following day as well. Last night I went hiking with the family, and was very lucky to not have any sort of hive breakout, except a couple very tiny spots. I'm sure that's the Claritin kicking in. I know that they're not gone all together, but hopefully they'll continue to be much more manageable going forward. Like I said in the beginning, these remedies are obviously very individualized since things that had worked wonders for others didn't seem to affect me. I'm usually not a person that posts, but these types of sites are so helpful for finding temporary 'cures', that I felt like it's sort of ones duty to add to all the great info here and try to help some other person out of thier misery. If someone that reads this gets the relief that I got from the ice that night, I know how much they'll appreciate it. I know that I certainly did!

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I have experienced similar symptoms in all areas of my body. I don't know what to take as in the past Claritin, Zyrtec, and Benedryl didn't work. I have found though that at least temporarily cold packs on the infected areas does help the itching and irritation. cold showers help cool the body and work for me. unfortunately those things aren't easy to access at work which is where I seem to break out the most because my body is active and generating more heat. cold does help though with at least the itching and start the healing process if you are able to get stable and relaxed and not active. still looking for medication to help get rid of them, but at least these things do help with the itching/pain when you have them.

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