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Not sure what I had exactly. Not too much sugar in my diet (almost none), not a lack of iron, not overly dry or moist lips. Just a rashy looking redness in the corners of my mouth that extended into my inner lip area on both sides of my mouth. Neosporin provided relief but it wouldn't go away. Polysporin seemed to nip it in the bud initially but it came back inspite of multiple applications all day long. I was desperate for relief and after reading through pages of reviews/remedies here, I decided to try Campho-Phenique. I'm happy to report the redness/rash is gone and I am symptom free now going on two weeks. I settled on applying it after meals (leaves an unpleasant taste to food otherwise) and making sure I coated any area with a hint of redness. I keep a tube with me everywhere I go and am not shy about applying it in my car or at work. The medicine like scent is a small price to pay for clearing up whatever I had and making it a thing of the past.

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