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Amy Nelson

you will need:
1 2 bowls ( just big enough for your head to fit in )
2 hot water ( boiled in a kettle)
3 a towl
4 ice blocks with cold water
5 face wash or lemon juice with a drop of honey ( do not use maple syrup)
6 face cream

take one bowl and fill it wit hot water, DO NOT fill it so that your face will touch it when you head goes in. Stay in for about 5 minutes, this is to open your poures. Wash your face with the face wash or lemon juice and honey, this will take all of the dirt and bad oils out of your skin. rinse your face (obviously). use the towl to dry your face. put your head in the bowl of ice and cold water, this is to close your poures and prevent dirt from coming in again. use the towl or another one, to dry your face. apply the face cream.
this is guarenteed to keep your face as beautiful as mine!

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How often do you do this?
What kind of face cream, do you recommend?


I tryed this and I just just lotion and I did it 2 times a day and it makes my face look amazing :)


I can't hold my breath in 5 minutes.


Sounds like something I would try but, isn't the first bowl supposed to be warm water and not hot? (I mean, I don't think I can put my face in hot water.)


You're not supposed to put your face in it. You're supposed to let the steam from it open your pores. Lol. I'm about to go try this, righhht now. :) Thank you.


When you use the ice, does your face touch the water this time?

Amy Nelson

I don't do this often because I don't hane acne, at all, But when I feel it coming I do it.

Amy Nelson

yes, your face goes IN the water to close your poures so no dirt can get in ( dirt will get in, but after a long period of time)

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