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Coconut oil worked for me. Heres my story:

The first thing I tried on my ringworm was teatree oil, straight, several times a day. At first it seemed to help but eventually it made things worse and the ringworm spread as teatree straight is hard on the skin and I think this allowed the ringworm to get a better hold on me. When I started applying the teatree oil I expected it to take maybe only a week but when after several weeks it got so bad I tried GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) and this made it itch more. I tried vinegar a few times as well but my skin was real sore. Then when I was feeling really desperate I heard somewhere about Coconut Oil; organic unrefined coconut oil, the kind you eat or cook with. I began applying this 3 times a day, washing the area well first, and within just a few days it was significantly improved. I kept this up and it got better and better and then it went away!!! Even after it was gone I kept putting coconut oil on twice a day to make sure it didn't come back. Coconut oil helped the itching and coconut oil is good for your skin so won't damage it at all like tea tree oil can and coconut oil feels very soothing. I also internally took oil of oregano for several weeks to help my immune system. The ringworm was gone maybe 5 weeks ago but I am still putting the coconut oil on the area. Maybe in several weeks I will stop putting it on. I really don't want it coming back!!

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Thank you for sharing this remedy. I am treating a child and want something not so harsh as some of the other suggestions. I am also an advocate of coconut oil and have it in the house. It is a win-win.

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