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I have suffered from hidradenitis suppurativa (boils in sweat glands) since my teenage years. I am now 57 and still have problems. I have tried every concoction known to man-kind and as far as I am concerned the only way to tackle these painful and sometimes debilitating boils is to use Ichthammol Ointment 20% on a bandage covering the boil. It is a drawing salve that speeds the draining process which brings great relief. You can buy the Ichthammol ointment at most any Pharmacy but you might have to ask for it from the Pharmacist because sometimes it is kept behind the counter. I have also used Boil Ease which is a Benzocaine based salve but the Ichthammol works much better at drawing out the infection. Take it from me, I have tried everything and this is the best thing I have used.

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My mom used Ichthammol for boils and recently when i ended up with a boil i went to her and she was out. So we went to the pharmacy and they do not make or sell Ichthammol anymore and did not come out with anything to replace it


On a friday I started having an itch where there was a tiny bump on the inside of my left glut, and by that following wednesday it became the size of a golf ball. I had no idea what it was at the time till I had it checked and low and behold it was my first boil. So after taking a round of two strong antibiotics, it only seemed to grow to where walking standing, and sitting was impossible so I came to this website and seen an artical on someone else who used the Ichthammaol ointment which is a drawing black salve and i combined it with some boil ease for the pain and some neosporin and som hot compresses periodicly and within 2 days it was draining and i had instant relief...


I am a 52 yr old female and I can remember my mother using this when I was a child. The ointment can be hard to find but it is available online. We have used it for everything from boils to infected ingrown hairs. Some of the large hard boils(usually starting as a clogged sweat gland, and I find most often on the back) require many repeat treatments as the pus is just the top part of the boil, and the stale oils deep within the lump take hand expressing. Use clean hands, and a tissue on each side and press gently, as if trying to get under the lump. Watch out, as the hardened oils can shoot out quite far, and have a very foul odor and have stringy appearance. Always clean thoroughly after expressing. Repeat application of the ointment, applying a clean bandaid daily. I have seen it take a few weeks to complete.


I found this product at Walgreens

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