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A good remedy for fleas in you yard is good old Ivory dis detergent. Pour a bottle (large one) into a garden hose sprayer. Attach the hose and spray the yard.

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great idea any dish soap works great for killing them pesty things and dawn dish soap is advertised safe for animals


What kinds of effect does this have on the grass or things in my yard? Hos often does one have to use this?


Pretty sure he is joking


I have actually use Dawn Original dish soap and have watch fleas just fall off dead. I have never used it on the yard but I think this year I will have to since we had a mild winter here. I little goes a long way.


I have always used dish soap on all my animals and it kills them. I may try it on my yard.


Dawn can also be put on ant beds to get rid of them


What does it do to the grass?


I've never heard of Ivory dish detergent....Ivory is bath soap!

randy Austin,TX

ivory dish soap really does work take dogs a bath with it and spray the for the grass wouldn't know I have 5 dogs so my grass is pretty much gone.


If you mix a little bit of Dawn dish soap (maybe 1/8 cup or less) with 3 or 4 gallons of water in a portable sprayer you can instantly kill box elder bugs, asian beetles, and flea infestations. It's safe indoors or out. It is not a permanent fix, but it's cheap enough that you can reapply as often as you need to.

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