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I'm 18 years and have had psoriasis for 3 years.
When my doctor couldn't give me a solution, I went to a Chinese herbal medicine doctor.
Her drinls are costly, $500+ for a batch. The first time I drank the nasty tea for a month and cut down on my sugar intake. Completely gone.
6 months later, the spot reappeared in the exact same areas. Arms, legs, knees. I went back and she gave me a different mixture of herbs. This batch did nothing for me.
I tried applying oil to the spots with ceran wrap. This only made the spots more red.
Finally. I think I've found a successful solution.
I've been eating vitamin d and omega 3 tablets with as much sunshine as possible.
4 weeks later, my spot are no longer inflamed and scaly. They've gone down alot! Please try these tablets. Also, I apply vaseline to the spots 2 times a daily. And when I shower I scrub the spots with a lufa, water and soap.
So bottom line?
* lots of sun/ vitamin d
* omega 3 tablets ( because I hate fish)
* moisturize with vaseline
* scrub spots in shower
Youll start seeing results within a month.

Please comment if youve tried my remedy

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its a great start sugar is highly inflammatory which triggers your skins reaction. one of the most important things is to reduce your toxin intake. if you fix the inside of your body the skin will clear up on its own. try the diet on this blog. you didn't get psoriasis overnight so it won't go away overnight. good luck :)


hi prasad. instead of petroleum jelly (parafin wax, mineral oil) try using olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil as a use is illegal in europe because too many immpurities. has been linked to breast cancer. google 'vaseline dangers' nadiasnotes website has good info and alternatives. good luck

mazhar hussain

thnx alot..u are absolutly right..i hveing phoraise amost 13 year..i just try omega 3 nd sitting on sunshin..nd its nt growing up nw..thnx for let me know more about this.


I have a question...what is the difference between vitamin D and vitamin D3? I have P on hands and scalp. I have tried Humira and Enbrel and had terrible results with them especially the doctor wants to put me on Stelara and I have decided I am going to try to control my P with diet. reading some of the suggestions on here are giving me hope that I can do this.


anne. vitamin d is manufactured by plants. can be toxic if you take too much. vitamin d3 formed when body synthesizes sunlight on its skin or through aminal products. body breaks it down to calcitrol (cancer fighter). i beg you to stop humira,stelara, enbrel. read the diet i submitted on 07-13-12 on this blog ( 3 or 4 lines down). it shows how bad these drugs are. read the posts i have a lot of info. my doctor told me i would be on steroids the rest of my life. most don't understand the disease. its an internal disease. your skin is a manifestation of the disease. the diet works. let me know what i can do to help. learn from my mistakes :) good luck


thank you very much for the this may sound stupid but is it better to take vit D or vit D3? I am so happy to have found this site...I have started the diet this week...all ready starting eliminate as much sugar as possible and no diet products and little dairy...good luck to everyone!!


excellent. the best is vitamin d3. the best source is sunlight. its free :) only supplement if you can't get sunlight or spend a lot of time indoors. just don't burn and don't use sunscreen. sunscreen will put more toxins in your system. be patient. should see results in 2 or 3 weeks but will take a couple of months to really clear up. if you have flare ups try to identify what caused it (food, soap, ect.) stuff like coloring your hair. i've heard a lot of women have flare ups after that. tons of toxins getting in through your scalp. good luck :)


Instead of taking omega 3 tablets(or fish), you can use ground flax seeds in your breakfast. Get a 'Hamilton-Beach' 'Coffee' Grinder and use it to grind sesame seeds and flax seeds and add it to your oatmeal or whatever you eat in the morning. Also flax has an enormous amount of fiber, which is a great bonus.


Scrub it?! I used to scratch it so much it bled... I won't be scrubbing it in the shower, but the other advice sounds good :)


Be very careful with taking high dosages of D. Be sure to read the effects and signs of toxicity on the National Institutes of Health website -- here is the link:

You can have a doctor test you to see if you are deficient in D or take a low dose of D3.

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