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I am currently following a friend's suggestion to research PH balance and restless leg syndrome, and I am finding an abundance of information! I'm just beginning to test my PH levels. I have been avoiding some highly acidic foods/beverages for a long time now, but there are others that I had no idea were high in acidity. I will continue to consume some of the foods that are high in acidity in moderation because of their other health benefits. I highly suggest that anyone suffering from this condition do some research on PH balance and restless leg syndrome.

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Tired of People Ignoring Facts

Yes and if you research and find material not written by Brother Moonbeam and Sister Ecstacy, you will find that Restless Legs Syndrome is caused by a dopamine deficiency.


The facts being that the doctors cant cure it and this forum is for people to share information on what helps them. There is no need to be insulting.

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