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Having to suffer a toothache thru a weekend or having to wait till antibotics medication is done before your dentist can fix your tooth. Sometime the painkiller cannot take all the pain away. I found this rememdy by accident. I had to get a root canel done and I had a big hole in my back tooth, anything hot and cold or even pressure or a breeze would set off a awful pain in my tooth.I found a tube of grandpa's denture adhesive (Poly-grip)and decided to use some and put it directly on my sore tooth to cover the hole. I was astonished that it worked, I told my dentist about this and she said she would recommend it her patients for a tempoparly fix. Just don't swallow it and use the original poly-grip flavour. I use it on my kids and it helps them fall a asleep. When you apply it you have apply pressure and keep it there until you can feel the adhesive sticks and forms into the tooth. My dentist say there's no harm using this and it's easy for a dentist to remove it.

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I had a horrible bad toothache that was shooting pain right up my right check to my ear drum. And the dentist is not open until Monday. I started looking for help on the web. and I came across this post. I did what you said with the POLY GRIP, and OMG my pain is gone, I thank you so much for posting this, your an ANGEL. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


The suggestion was polygrip, however, I only had fixodent. IT WORKED. I was going out the door to urgent care. Everything I tried was temp, 10 - 15 minutes top.
I am on penicillin but it needs time to work.
I cannot thank everyone enough for y our posts. Thing is....each of us do know the pain others are experiencing. Now, just to get funds to get them pulled. It's really sad; here a lady was going to get a loan for her dental work. What does that say about this GREEDY WORLD!
And by golly, if you don/'t pay you do not get service.

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