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i often have cracked lip and i'm always trying new things to get my lips smooth. Here are my top three solutions for cracked lips.

3. Aloe Vera gel.
Apply generously to the lips. Once it dries, (which won't take long) put more on and repeat until your lips feel smooth.

2. Honey.
I love using honey because it feels like it's making healthy, when i use it.. and it tastes so damn goood!! haha. i just put heaps on and add more (because i usually have licked it all of after the first few minutes) and keep adding more until my lips are really smooth. The great thing is that, it doesn't take long at all. :)

1. Paw paw cream. I loove paw paw cream. It serves multiple purposes and works great. Put as much as possible on your lips before bed and in the morning your lips should feel smooth and supple. Put on throughout the day for top-ups. Surely the #1 solution.

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I ordered the PAW PAW lip balm today should deliver in 3 to 4 days very excited to try


Do you mix the honey with water? Or just apply the honey onto your lips?

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