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This remedy, depending on your taste, can be nasty to some, Drink a teaspoon of vinegar. It will have a nasty tast but believe me, It really works. My mom found this out.

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my friend had the worst belly ache! We looked at this and was like lets try it! and she wanted me to drink vinegar with her . when she took it. a couple mins later she felt better. it tasted awful but it worked! What a rush! Thankss!


Thank you so much! This provides almost intant releif. This is one of the easiest remedies on the site to try, and will definitley work!


wow. i've had a belly ache for 4 days. tried 1 tablespoon of vinegar and about 10 minutes later, it feels alot better. thanks (:


This does work, in fact it works miracles! My mom has been having chronic heartburn (acid-reflux disease) for the last 6 years, and doctors gave her Nexium to take for the rest of her life. A few months ago, she read in a book that if you take some organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with 'the mother' it will cure it. Amazingly, it has! Now she only takes Nexium like once a week,and the rest of the days she just takes some vinegar. Worked like a charm (:


thank you soooooooooo much... im only 11 and i get really bad stomach aches. even though i first thought i would be sick... i waited a few minutes and now i feel great


I tried red wine vinegar. Thank you so much! Without this I would not be able to sleep tonight.

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