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This remedy, depending on your taste, can be nasty to some, Drink a teaspoon of vinegar. It will have a nasty tast but believe me, It really works. My mom found this out.

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I tried it and had mixed results. Works on feeling sick but not on bloating and pressure pain


i mix my vinegar in water to drink it and YES it works wonderfully!!


Hey Ever since I was a little kid I have always eating sweet pickles when I was sick. My parents just thought I was a little weird until my dad was reading a book one day and it said that viniger can help with stomache aches. Im 18 and still eating pickles when I have a stomach ache.

Kat New Zealand

I have a severity 7/10 stomach ache for over two hours now, Im stuck at work on a midnight shift and cant leave .... so Ive raided the staff fridge found someones balsamic salad dressing and it had bout 5 mls thats all that was left feeling better ..... not great but if there was more salad dressing I think it would work

Thanks g .


My gf found this remedy and got me a table spoon of vinegar and it did feel a little worse for a couple minutes then i felt so much better..and i do love vinegar it is so good!!!

worried mom in cali

Thanks so much, this worked really fast! My daughter had a stomachache for two days - we've tried OTC meds and nothing helped. First she ate some mustard and then drank pickle juice - IT'S THE VINEGAR! Thanks again.

I thought I was going to die...lucky for me there was some red wine vinegar in the fridge. less then 10min I felt better.


My friend was having a really bad stomach ake.....then huzza!we found this web site and we got some vinegar and pickle juice, put it in a small glass...then she drank it slowly...within about 20 seconds ...gone! yaya!it burned a bit yet for a 11 year old she did great!! THANKSSSS!!!!!

Very pleased

My 9 year old daughter has been having stomach pains for about two months i did'nt know what else to do so i got on web to see what i can find out and vinegar was recommended so i went for it and it work two cap full within ten minutes she felt better,we're sleeping tonight.Thank You!!!


Aurgghdhd thnks to you I rolled on the grund and puked evrywere I cn't type becuz of u becuz my stumache stil hurt a lot !!11!!!

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