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This remedy, depending on your taste, can be nasty to some, Drink a teaspoon of vinegar. It will have a nasty tast but believe me, It really works. My mom found this out.

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I have a severely nervous type stomach, and I was in severe pain for about maybe two hours, then found this site, downed a spoonful of vinegar, and voila. Pain, much more bearable. Nearly gone, now. Your mother is a genius.


I used rice vinegar and the nasua went away but i dont think it was as affective as regular vinegar


I have tried this and it does work. To lessen the 'punch' of the apple cidar vinegar, I used 1/2 cup of water with 1T of the vinegar. It also works for acid reflux.


Pickle juice works too, and tastes better! :)


I tried this and it worked in the fact that it dulled the pain in my stomach, which is still there, but (I'm not the greatest vineger person) nearly made me puke. (Drinking it was an intresting experiance, a lot of trouble breathing while I tried to get it down with water)


Tried 1 tsp vinegar, tasted awful, nearly vomited. 20 minutes later, still have stomach ache and it is probably worse. Didn't work for me.


My daughter has missed two weeks of school because of her stomach aches. Doctors don't know the cause and keep giving her different medications. They think it is sinus. She has been crying and holding her stomach for hours. One dose and she was better almost instantly. Her words 'miracle in a spoon'.
Thank your mother for me....


Thanks a lot for posting this, I have more respect for vinegar from now on, I just downed a couple os teaspoons and the effect is phenomenal. It makes it numb and spreads cure slowly to the whole stomach. Thanks so much! Kiss Mum for me. :)


My 4 yr old son was up all night with his stomach ache and we tried pepto and everything..Ran across this site and tried it. He took the vinegar and didn't even complain.I asked him if his stomach still hurt, and he said no. Thanks so much. It actually does work!


ok...I just tried this except with pickle jucie like someone else had worked!! and I imagine tasted better then vinegar!


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