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This remedy, depending on your taste, can be nasty to some, Drink a teaspoon of vinegar. It will have a nasty tast but believe me, It really works. My mom found this out.

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I have to admit, I tried this and it does work. It felt like it was going to come back up when I first took it but after a few minutes the feeling passed. It did seem to take away a good bit of my stomach ache and calm my nausea. I used apple cider vinegar.


Thanks for the tip! I was up half the night until I stumbled upon this web site. The vinegar tasted terrible but it only lingered for 15 or 20 seconds. If you can get over the taste, this remedy works like a charm!


I was having stomach troubles for about an hour or more, so I googled 'stomach ache remedies' and came upon this site. Having drank a lot of vinegar in my life, simply out of curiosity and the like for the smell, I was excited to see this as a home remedie. I poured out 1 tablespoon and downed it without flinching. A few minutes later, the stomach ache has begun to fade. Thanks a lot, guys.


:( oh dear...i;ve tryed this.. 20 min later i feel slightly worse!


hey~ i came home from school and TOTALLY BINGED and of course i got a stomach ache. and i was running on top of that stomach ache so i felt like (X_X)<--BLAAAAAAH~ and there's a HUGE DANCE as my High School I was looking forward to going to but with a stomach ache like this, I was going to say 'bye bye' dance and 'hello' bed..and stay home on a friday nite THEN!!! i googled 'cure for stomach ache' and came across this remedy..just RAN UPSTAIRS, drank a teaspoon of vinegar AND MY STOMACH DEFINITELY FEELS MUCH BETTER!!! I can see the light!! and i am definitely going to the dance!! THAAANK YOUUU~


Hi!! THANK YOU!!! I wasn't going to try it but the comments left were positive! I stayed up really late writing a paper (coffee on empty stomach BAD IDEA!) and this morning I didn't want to take gravol, because I can't afford to fall asleep!! Works like a charm!!!!!


you spelled taste wrong


not well feel ill drnt drink no vingegar tho


I was tossing and turning all night, I drank garlic vinegar, and I DO FEEL BETTER! Thank you!


Your right! at first it feels terrible (but i actually like the taste of vinegar... am i wierd?) - my friend just informed me that i am. but now im feeling much better thank you!

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