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I can't believe that know one seems to know about the healing power of sumac tea. You can usually buy it at your local herbal/health food store. (or harvest it yourself in the fall of the year) Two cups a day for a few days and your poison ivy rash disappears. If you drink it in the spring of the year, you can prevent getting poison ivy. Works like a charm and actually tastes good.

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Sumac tea is not the same as poison sumac and drinking the tea will not provide you with immunity from poison sumac. Sumac tea is made from shagbark sumac, the scrubby little tree that puts out those red cone-like clusters of berries covered in sour fuzz. You can make a nice drink from those seeds. Poison sumac is a completely different plant; it looks like an herb, grows near the ground, and you do not want to make a tea from the berries.

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