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Placed a clove of garlic in my ear for 45 mins. Weird, bit it worked. Sore throat, etc all better. Seems to have worked!

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I slept with a clove of garlic in my ear and it hurt worse the next day.


I just did it and it feels better!!! Thanks!!!


It doesn't work for me either. It just got worse. But I am glad it works for you.


I am doing as im writting this so far it working, my throat has been hurting for the past couple days and i thought it was strep until I noticed my ear started hurting as well. I put the garlic in and my throat feels so much better, Thank you!!!!!


do you have to peel the garlic? my ear hurts right now, and the eye from the same side is getting red. I am definetely getting sick, I don't feel well at all.

Creative Camper

I was camping in the middle of the desert when my ear infection hit (PAIN!) so I put a clove of garlic in my ear b/c I heard garlic was good for this. It stayed there until I got home (2 days later). I tried to take it out and nope.. it wouldn't budge. Pulling on it felt like it was going to suck my brain out my ear (or rupture my eardrum!) I picked bits of it off over the next day but couldn't get a grasp on what slid into my ear. I ear coned and VIOLA! Garlic came out no problem and no ear infection! I'd do it again only not leave it in long enough to disintegrate into my ear! Maybe wrap the garlic clove in fine mesh fabric to be able to pull it out easier. The garlic took the pain away quite quickly.. I just couldn't hear anything with it in there!


I always chew a little raw garlic if a sore throat is coming on. It's one of natures strongest antibiotics. I've been using chopped garlic infused in Olive oil for a fungal ear infection. It's taking a bit of time, but far better than the drops the doctor gave me which just made it worse.


peel & crush 1 glove of garlic, mix with olive oil (room temperature) dip cotton wool in the mixture & put in ears. Cleared infection from mine overnight. Doctor says was a bad idea but the worse ear is now better 24 hours later.


I Had a blocked Eustachian tube due to a
Bad cold last night & while searching for a natural remedy found this site. After reading a # of posts i decided to try raw garlic cloves and a warm wash cloth. I cut up 2 cloves, put a large piece of 1 in the outside of my ear & the rest of the pieces in the warm washcloth and held it below my ear down my jawline for like 15 min. I also rubbed raw garlic juice on my jawline...well it worked!!! Broke the low grade fever I was running, reduced the swelling (along with lymph massage) & i think helped me turn the corner in defeating this bug. I had NO idea garlic could do that. My thanks to all who posted on garlic & washcloths...definitely a Godsend for me.

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