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Hello all. suggestion to heal from herpes. Check out this website and read the article for gential herpes. With this dis-ease you have to start the healing process from within. figure out how it was attracted to your life. Find the right herbs. On this website you can find anti-viral detox that can heal. I recommand doing a full body detox also on the website than the anti-viral. I recommand this because herpes once was my issue until. I detoxed, changed my lifestyle, and forgave the one who passed to me. It doesn't hurt to give a try.

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Thank you for this important message. I greatly needed to here all of the information given from and through this message. I strongly advise anyone who is searching for a cure to visit this site. Thanks again.



I am 55 years old and I had a break out after 10 years easy. It wasn't easy, I just started a relationship and I never said this herpes problem to anyone. I got it from my husband 25 years ago. It wasn't painful and I only I have been having two brake outs till now with jus a little bistlers and a little pain and that's it. The problem this time was that had the blister the next day after having sex. We didn't use condom so I got afraid that he gets infected and told him about it. He was desvastated and afraid and of course he didn't want to continue the relationship with me. That caussed me a lot of guilty, pain and stress so I started having blister for two months till I took antibiotics. I accepted a job an another city to put myself together and start over accepting that I have herpes and need to deal with it if I am going to another relationship. Probably all those changes cause me another brake out, which I am dealing with it one more time. So, it was good to hear about the detox because I don't want to take more antibiotic. When I read it about it, I remembered that I have a book called The Master Cleanser. I have done this cleanser before to eliminate another sickness and worked perfect for me! Thank you so much for that recomendation.....I will let you know how that work.


Just Like you I was diagnosed several years ago with very few problems if any until the last time I had intercourse. It flared up and has this time spread to be a few areas instead of the typical one. It is going on a month now with very little relieve. One question why does this seem to happen more after intercourse and two why am I having such a hard time getting rid of it this time. Typically its one spot and gone after 5 days.


I went to this site and it was a joke! They actually tell you that the reason you got the disease is because you were asking for it. Not only that but they say you can't get rid of it unless you use their cleansing crap and THINK IT AWAY! are you kidding me? CRAP!

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