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I have a recurring boil right on my butt crack.

The remedies I found very effective are Povidone Iodine, Vicks VapoRub, Ichtyol Ichtammolum and Ponstan/Ponstel.

First drank that Ponstan/Ponstel to reduce the pain, and use Povidone Iodine and last, rub that Vicks Vaporub and Ichtyol altogether.

It took me only 5 Days to get rid of the boil.

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I had the same thing. I had it cut out twice before I found a doctor who knew what it was. The previous doctor only cut out the head area but kept leaving the root cause.

It turned out to not be a boil but a pylonial (spelling?) cyst. Same symptoms, comes to a head every once and awhile. Where it ruptures is just where it drains. the cyst was about 2 inches under the skin. The doctor said anyone can get it but happens to people who have desk jobs or sit around a lot. Or people who work in a hot sweaty environment. Anyway he sent me to a general surgeon who cut it out. Simple day procedure but it was deep so the doctor didn't want to do it in the office.

Go to the doctor and get it out ASAP because it will continue to grow and get worse. And the only thing you will notice is it coming to a head more often. I had mine for a couple of years and it had little fingers branching off under the skin causing the doctor to have to go in twice after he missed some the first time.

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