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My daughter is 6 and i believe she got poison ivy on Saturday at my son's baseball game. By Sunday I saw 2 rashy patches. I had no idea what they were but I thought she was having a reaction to mosquito bites. That night was horrific. The blisters were on her hands and she was screaming. By Monday it was getting worse so I took her to the Dermatologist and sure enough PI. In addition to the sterroid cream, oral sterroids, and benadryl, I did some research and came up with my own home remedy addition. She is very fair and I was worried about scarring so I was trying to dry the patches in record time. She would get itchy and I would start with the Noxema. Make sure it is the eucalyptus one. Cake in on her in the shower and let it cool the itch and Then i would follow with Queen Helene Mint Julep mud mask. Leave that on approx 30-45 minutes and wash off with cool water or in the shower. Follow that with ice for 25 minutes. then off. Then back on. I have nothing to compare it to but I swear i sped up the healing rate with the mud mask. Today the blisters were so bad on her hands so I put the mud mask on them for 30 minutes and guess what. No blisters or pain on her hands any more. This is remarkable and for a total cost of 9 dollars for the noxema and Queen Helene, its worth it. I dont usually take the time to post, but if this helps a small child like mine who has been incedibly uncomfortable, its worth it. Best of luck.

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You have helped a grown woman. I get PI weeding my garden every year, you would think that I would wear gloves. My hands have painful blisters between the fingers. Your suggestions that you have posted are working for me. I used a different brand mask that I already had. My kids keep asking why I have green hands from the mask, but I have no pain or itch. Thank you.


Where do u get this mask from


the Helene mask you can get at giant or Sally's beauty supply.

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