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Cranberries! Eat them, drink them or take capsules; solves the problem from the inside out by inhibiting the growth of invasive bacteria, decreasing kolonisation and adjusting pH. (this also works for a bladder infection)
Also, eating less sweets and more yoghurt helps your natural bacteria to gain teritorry.
Note: hormonal anticonception like the pill or the morning after pill can also cause differences in scent due to a change in bacterial populations.

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I have had vaginal odor for years and have no idea what to do...if I was to try th cranberry pills due I take one everyday? if so for how long...I just really want it gone!


I read this and immediately was relieved because I know my mom has a bottle of premium strength cranberry fruit capsules for urinary tract health. Hopefully these work!


Cranberry juice concentrate. Not the Ocean Spray stuff. It definitely works! Unfortunately I am allergic to cranberries.

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