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I had a really bad cough for several months. I thought it was allergies because I have had them in the past and it was the season. The cough would not go away.

Finally I went to a primary doctor and then an ENT. They said I had GERD and started prescribing me different medications. So far I have tried Prevacid, Nexium, Prilosec, and currently Zegerid. It has gotten a little better but not enough to really be excited about. The Doctor gave me a list of things not to eat and I researched it on the internet and a lot of the suggestions on here are actually things the doctor told me NOT to eat.

I don't really understand why he thinks I have GERD anyway because I cough ALL THE TIME, not just when I eat, although it is worse when I eat.

Someone said to eat ice cream and I can tell you that it is my favorite food and I eat way too much of it and it usually makes the coughing worse. But I guess different things work for different people...

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I have had a cough since last October. I thought it was just allergies also. It was but it was also GERD. The cough is caused by the stomach acid coming up the esophagus and irritating it. In return, the esophagus gets more irritated and produced extra mucus to protect itself. I am now taking a test that measures the pH levels of the reflux that comes up. What is the next step after the test? I will be awaiting results in two days and go from there.


I have more of a question: did your cough stop? my daughter has the same cough as you and the same diagnostic and meds and the cough has not stopped!
have you had success lately? thanks


Please do an PET SCAN for lung cancer


I would highly recommend you treat this cough. My mother had the same thing and ultimately it eroded her esophagus to the point where she could not eat food for all the mucous build up. She now feeds herself through a peg tube directly into her stomach. She is elderly and is well otherwise but folks, if you have a chronic cough that is related to acid reflux, do something about it. Try diet changes. For me, I went off gluten as we have a family history of celiac disease and though not celiac, I am gluten intolerent. That helped with my reflux pain a lot.


Get checked for throat cancer. My husband had the same problem, coughing, acid relux and heartburn and it turned out to be throat cancer.


GERD is diagnosed only by doing the enteroscopy (probe). You should really check that and get tested for cancer. Don't put away those things, you never know

Someone who cares

Ice cream is not recommended. It's dairy (adds mucus), sugary, likely refined with added chemicals that could inflame the lining of your stomach.

If you want to eat something, buy a container of FRESH spinach (in produce section of your grocer). Wash and eat. Don't put any salad dressing on it. Eat it plain. It's the most alkaline food and will help balance your body's pH. Good luck!


be careful...if you are may be inhaling acid into your lungs and getting a type of reflux and asthma which is often missed...mine was for 10 years!!...need to go to the docs and get that sorted big time..i would insist on an endoscopy to see what is going on...long term reflux can cause scarring of the oesophagus...


I have had this for 3 years tried all !! The med for
Acid reflux had all the test done no help ,
The things that help me sounds crazy but works
Muscle relaxers, Tramadol, the only way I can make it through the night, cough up so much gird
The Doctors said that was crazy I stop going!!!
It dose help I take Metaxyalone 800 mg it works!!!
If you have tried everything of course you will have to tell the Doctor some reason you need
A mucle relaxer , it is not a control subsents not this one !!!!

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